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Annette and Jon


Annette: “I was a little hesitant about joining an online dating website but after talking about it to a few close friends, I decided to give it a go. The only website I considered was eHarmony because the contact seemed real and the potential for strong relationships seemed possible. You were able to read about a person before you met them and feel confident that eHarmony’s process had found similarities already between you and the person you were viewing.

After a few weeks of email communication, Jon asked me out on a date.  Our communication had become so natural and exciting over the weeks, we were communicating at least once a day.  He chose the Focus Restaurant in Springwood as it was halfway between both of our houses and was away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I arrived at the restaurant to Jon standing out the front waiting for me. We instantly starting talking a lot, and just like in our emails - the conversations were full and long. The waiter came over and asked for their order six times but we were so focused on each other, we didn’t look at the menu for such a long time.  I don’t really remember what we even talked about, just that it was like talking to a best friend that I had surely spent my whole life with already. 

We both knew that we wanted to keep seeing each other about 10 minutes into the date, things were just so natural. We had been talking about the Ekka – an annual country fair also known as ‘The Royal Brisbane Show’, so thought I would ask him if he wanted to go.  He immediately said yes and we both went home very excited.  Jon actually wrote a letter that night saying how he was certain he had just met his future wife. I now treasure that piece of paper so much.  We spent a whole day at the Ekka and ended the night with our first kiss under the fireworks.  We now hold that tradition every year.  From that day onwards, we saw each other every day and within a couple of months, rented a house together and travelled overseas. 

A couple of years into the relationship, I woke up on a Sunday and found a note from Jon beside me with instructions to a treasure hunt. With no Jon in sight, I began following the clues as quickly as I could. I was dizzy with excitement already predicting what the prize might be. The day before, Jon had gone to all the places in Brisbane that meant something to us, like the location of our first date, where we first rented a house together, where he first said ‘I love you’ and all the other little places that made us ‘us’. Jon took a photo of himself at each location, placed the photo in an envelope along with a clue to get to the next location and figure out where the next clue was.  I followed each clue until I got to the block of land which we had bought ready to build our home.  There Jon was, roses in one hand and the final envelope in the other. “Congratulations, you found me and completed the treasure hunt” he said while handing me the envelope.  I was already in tears as I opened it to find a note saying ‘I love you’ and a ring.  Jon took it, got down on one knee and proposed. I immediately said yes and together we stood in the rain just enjoying the moment.  I love that day and that location, and will proudly tell that story over and over.

 We will be having an intimate wedding of 70 guests and wedding party of seven, we intend on making the day casual and personal for all of the guests.  Our eHarmony profiles will be printed for our guests to read, a classic photo booth, live entertainment and lots of little things to make it uniquely ‘us’.  We can’t wait until the day arrives when we will finally become, Mr and Mrs Henderson.”

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