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David and Kate

Wodonga, Victoria

Kate: “David and I had both tried other online dating sites without any luck but I decided to try eHarmony after my mum saw it advertised on TV and suggested it. It took me a while to complete the questionnaire, as I found it really challenged me to acknowledge what I wanted in a partner. I was quite astonished by the accuracy of my profile and was surprised that an internet survey could understand me so well! 
I was quite strict in my selection criteria at first but still received several matches. I hardly drink alcohol so had selected someone who doesn't drink. Once I relaxed these criteria to someone who drinks occasionally, I received many more matches and David was one of them. His profile was warm and friendly, so I sent him a smile. Almost immediately I received a request to chat. 
David and I emailed daily for the next few weeks. At the time I was working shift work, starting at 6am. So I would get up even earlier in the mornings as I was so excited to check my email to see if David had written to me. He always had and I started my day happy. I finished work at 3pm and would rush home to reply to David. He got to know that I would reply in the afternoon, so he would keep his email open, refreshing it until my email came in! After a few weeks I subtly gave David my phone number, hoping that he would call me. He was a bit slow on the uptake but gave me his number too. I took the lead and texted him. After another week of emailing and texting we decided to meet. We went out for dinner which lasted almost 4 hours! We saw each other every day in the week that followed. We were a bit smitten.   Two weeks later David's grandfather sadly passed away and David asked me to accompany him to the funeral. It was a bit daunting for me, spending several days with his family who were all strangers but this event cemented our relationship and we became a couple. We had an amazing first year together, going to concerts, family events and just enjoying each other's company.
David is a passionate Collingwood supporter and I’d had nothing to do with the sport previously but in April this year we had a weekend in Melbourne. I survived my first Collingwood football game and afterwards we enjoyed an event at the comedy festival. Following this David suggested a hot chocolate at my favourite Lindt shop in Melbourne. Yum! I thought he was acting a bit strange, but I have never said no to chocolate. After this we walked down to Southbank, where he all of a sudden stopped me and proposed. It was perfect; we had had a wonderful day enjoying all the things we love, and this was just the perfect way to propose. It wasn't flashy or pretentious, it was just us. We are now enjoying living together and will be married in May 2013. We are looking forward to a wonderful celebration with our friends and family. 
I have been amazed at how truly compatible we are. We have had similar upbringings and have similar opinions and beliefs. Being in a small town, our families already knew each other and we discovered that we had been to the same primary school, four years apart. We love going out for dinner with both sets of parents and planning our engagement party and wedding has been a dream, as everyone gets along so well. 
I am so grateful to have David as the biggest part of my life now. I can't imagine life without him, and I could not have chosen someone so perfect. I am so grateful that we were both at the same stage, looking for someone special and that eHarmony was a higher quality matching service that got it so right!”


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