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VIcki and Ollie

Melbourne, Victoria

Vicki – “I had been involved in a long-distance relationship with a guy in New York for a couple of years which had been a disaster! He and I had ended our relationship in very early January of 2011 and I was determined not to lament that relationship ending (mainly because it should have ended well before it did)! I signed up to eHarmony around the beginning of February 2011. I had also moved cities from Brisbane to Melbourne and thought it would be a good way to get out and about in a city where I didn't know too many people.

Ollie and I were very clearly well matched from the first time we looked at each others' profiles. We had so many things in common it was ridiculous! We had quite a bit of email contact before arranging a first meeting which helped to ease any anxiety. Ollie even told me what he would wear to our first date so that I knew what the dress code was, which I thought was very considerate! We met at the Grand Hyatt Hotel here in Melbourne (very ritzy and a little different to some of my dates before this) which Ollie wanted to do as he had done his apprentice chef work in the hotel. Ollie tells me he felt excited about our first date - he was attracted to me from my photos and was excited by the common interests we seemed to have. I wasn't quite so sure! The night that I was due to meet Ol, I had had a particularly bad day at work and was feeling very, very homesick. I almost canceled the date! Fortunately my flat mate convinced me to go, saying that it might make me feel better or at least give me a laugh at the end of a bad day and so I went. I waited for Ollie in the spot I thought he had meant me to wait for about 20 minutes and I was pretty convinced he had stood me up. I was about to leave in disgust when something compelled me to look in a different place to where I had been waiting and sure enough there was Ollie smiling down at me as I walked up the stairs. I had misunderstood where to meet and he'd been waiting there for over 30 minutes! I’m very glad something made me double check.

We started our date in one of the bars in the hotel and I think we both knew there was something immediate and exciting between us before we had finished our first drink. We just couldn't stop talking and the more we talked the more we discovered we had in common. One drink turned into two and then Ollie suggested, if I felt comfortable, that we move to the restaurant and have dinner together, which we did. Our fist date lasted for about five hours of non-stop laughter and discovery of mutual interests and experiences.

We pretty much became inseparable after that date. Ollie wasted no time contacting me the next day to ask me out again on the weekend and thus it continued. He was always upfront with me about everything and tried to show me lots of elements of his life early on which was very refreshing.

We moved in together four months in to our relationship and neither of us had ever experienced anything so easy. Ollie proposed on New Year's Eve at the end of almost 12 months together and we were married 12 months after that. We also had a little boy in March!

Since we met, everything has just fallen into place and has been easy, enjoyable and very much meant to be. We shall always be grateful to eHarmony for bringing us together. We both feel very much that if we can encourage other people to use your site, they might find the happiness that we have found. Both of us had been searching for such a long time before we finally found each other.”

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