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Genevieve and John

Taylors Lakes, Victoria

Genevieve: “I found the experience really interesting and unique. The questionnaire is so comprehensive and really digs deep into your personality traits and your needs and wants - there's quite a bit of psychology behind it. It’s very well thought out and thorough.

I really liked John while we were communicating and we had even spoken on the phone for about a month before we met so I wasn’t hugely nervous by the time we had our first date. I still did the really girly thing and got myself a new outfit, well, several new outfits! I bought myself some new shoes and had my nails done, I was excited!

As it turned out, the first date didn’t go well! John had been suffering from food poisoning for a couple of weeks before our date and he still wasn’t 100% so he didn’t have his full game on! We went to the movies (this was our first mistake as we couldn’t talk or look at each other). Then, I wanted to go to a Japanese restaurant that I’d been to once before and loved, I said “It’s just a five minute walk away.” We were walking for about 20 minutes and I couldn’t find it! I was so embarrassed and I could tell he was still quite weak from being sick so we gave up trying and went into the first place we could find…. A McDonalds! This was not how I thought our first date would be. I liked him so much but by this point I had decided that I wasn’t going to see this guy again! I was so disappointed and thought I had made unrealistic expectations for myself.

We still spoke on the phone after the date for a week or so and he was as sweet and nice as I thought he was originally and I couldn’t resist seeing him again and I told myself that I’d been too harsh. I am so glad that I did because WOW did he put in a massive effort!

I basically fell in love with him the second time I saw him; he melted my stubborn heart! He wore black trousers and a lovely blue shirt that really showed how amazing his eyes are. We sat down in the dim, warm light of the restaurant and I couldn't stop staring at his gorgeous ocean blue eyes! We had an amazing meal and then he walked me to his car to take me to a "surprise". We drove down to the beach and he opened up my favourite bottle of Moscato wine (how did he know??) complete with wine glasses. He then handed me a gift- a gorgeous vintage style bracelet covered in crystals (how did he know my style?!). He was a total gentleman and ever so sweet.

We talked for hours and it was a really lovely night. He took me back to my car and that was our date, well what we now call our "real" first date! After a few months of dating we both knew we wouldn’t ever have to date another person again - it was such a free feeling knowing "this is it!" One year and two months later we got engaged!

We are now married and happier than ever!”

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