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Steven & Cherie

Parkdale, Victoria

About you


When did you join eHarmony?

Steven: About 18 months ago

Cherie:  14 September 2014

Why did you join eHarmony?

Steven: To meet a partner I could spend my life with

Cherie: I wanted to meet someone who was serious about seeing that someone they clicked with and who wanted to build a relationship if they met the right girl. Plus, I can be a bit shy, so getting to know people whout have to have the guts to just walk up to them and hope they were interested was also a beenefit for me.  

Have you tried other dating sites previously? If so, which ones?

Steven: Yes - Tinder

Cherie:  Yes, however free sites only; POF and Oasis. I had also been on eHarmony previously for a short amount of time but didn’t click with anyone beyond friendship.

Were you in a relationship before joining eHarmony or had you been single for a while?

Steven: I had just finished a short relationship.

Cherie: I had been in a relationship prior to joining eHarmony but it didn’t work out because we had different values. I joined eHarmony when the relationship was over to meet someone who had similar values and desires in a relationship.  

Do you have any children from a previous relationship?

Steven: No.

Cherie: No. 


About your relationship


When did you first start communicating with your partner?

Steven: September 2014 

Cherie:  I believe it was within the first two weeks of joining the site. We communicated via email pretty much immediately and after several emails Steve called me one evening and we spent over an hour chatting and decided to catch up in person for a date.

When did you go on your first date? What did you do?

Steven: After about 2 weeks of communicating by eHarmony messages and then by phone, we met up at Radio Mexico in St Kilda for a few drinks and some good Mexican food. 

Cherie: 8th of October 2014 was our first date. I remember because I didn’t want it to end, however it is also my Dad’s birthday and needed it to end so I could call him before he went to bed to wish him Happy Birthday. We ended up at Radio Mexico after our initial plans didn’t work out.

When did you realise this was something special?

Steven: After dating for about a month, I had a big win on the Melbourne Cup and asked her if she would come on holiday with me - she said yes, and we went on a 2 week trip to Palawan in the Philippines, and had a really nice time relaxing and exploring - after another month or so I realised that all my future plans were for things I would be doing with Cherie.

Cherie: I knew I like Steve after the first date, but I was more concerned about how he felt about me that I didn’t realize how much. Since then we’ve chatted about our first date and he mentioned that he knew I was cool after I took photos of him eating ice-cream for a Facebook page and entertained his discussion topic of UFOs. But I had no idea, I was so shy and nervous…and in being so coy Steve had to work to get a second date as I didn’t let on how I felt at all. Perhaps I knew he was the one when on our second date, we had to check in a couple of donuts to the cloakroom at The Carlton Club before dinner because he didn’t listen to my suggestion to hide them in my bag, and when we were busted, he tried to play it cool and charm the bouncers with his puns. But if not then, definitely when we were at a bar later on in the evening. He grabbed my arm as I left the table to get us a couple of drinks and pulled me close into him before surprising me with the best first kiss I’d ever had. It was about this moment I also got the hint that he did like me. 

What makes you two compatible?

Steven: We both enjoy playing sport (she even likes cricket) and singing karaoke. Also I'm impulsive, and she's patient... Luckily we're both good at communicating!

Cherie: We complement each other, have strengths that supports the other, we encourage each other’s passions and we have pasts that we can both relate to. Other than that we share a love of: cricket, our dogs Raja and Bundy, puns, dancing, family, delicious brunches and having fun. Steve also introduced me to Karaoke. He loves to sing to me and I love listening to him sing to me.  

What does the future hold for you two?

Steven: An awesome wedding and honeymoon in Mexico, and perhaps a small fragile human. 

Cherie: A life full of sports, laughs and fun. We're getting married in May 2017 and will hopefully start a family of our own within a couple of years of then. We'll also hopefully own a business and our own home. We will travel to places all over the world and grow old together but stay young at heart. 

Is there any other significant time in your relationship you’d like to include?

Steven: Getting bitten on the face by the fox who helped me surprise Cherie with an engagement ring while on holiday for my birthday in Sydney was pretty exciting.

Cherie: For me there are two very memorable moments in our relationship:

1.     Melbourne Cup day 2014. We weren’t meant to catch up on this day, but Steve returned home early from a camping trip and his Uncle has given him a good tip, so we decided to head to the local tab to place a bet. On the way we got another tip from a neighbor and when we got to the tab Steve decided to put a bet on 1st and a trifecta and got me to kiss the tickets. Ten minutes later we’d won both! We celebrated by going out to dinner and even though we’d only been together for just over a month Steve suggested that we go on a holiday overseas. I loved being around Steve and I love to travel so it was a great idea in my mind. Three months later we were on a plane heading for the Philippines

2.     The day Steve proposed. Steve turned a long weekend trip to Sydney that I’d planned for a couple of months for his birthday into a prime opportunity to propose to me. During our time at Sydney we’d had nothing but beautiful sunny warm weather. We’d walked around the harbor, played cricket in the park, visited the Chinese gardens, saw Shakespeare at the Opera house, found an awesome RnB club to dance at and were having a great time. On the Sunday we trekked out to Sydney Fox Rescue to see a fox we’d sponsored (Steve has a soft spot for foxes due to his heritage). After an hour on the train, we were left stranded as there were no taxis to take us the rest of the way. Luckily a volunteer came to pick us up. When we arrived we were taken around the farm and then led into a room with the fox we’d sponsored, Winter. I thought it was lovely they had a camera on a tripod and some roses in the room to film us with Winter as we lived so far away and wouldn’t be able to see him often. After some time patting him and learning a bit about foxes, Steve starts trying to grab a pouch that was attached to Winter. I told him to leave it alone as I thought Steve was being cheeky doing something he shouldn’t. Next thing I know he turns around holding up a ring and I experience every emotion possible within 30 seconds. As Steve is a joker I thought he was actually joking. I was shocked as I had no idea and wasn’t expecting anything like this, especially 10 months after we’d met! Little did I know he’d been planning it for months and everybody he knew, knew. Of course I said yes and they got it on video, which you should be able to see at the link below:


About your partner


What’s your favourite thing about your partner?

Steven: Her prettiness, and openness for new experiences

Cherie: Steve is my best friend. I’ve never been in a relationship where I’ve had that kind of connection with my partner. Steve not only supports everything I do, he supports who I am and will always try to show me how special I am to him. 

What’s your partner’s best quality?

Steven: Her patience and understanding of my quirks and general weirdness... Also her trusting me enough to let out HER inner weirdo.

Cherie:  Despite his playful and cheeky font, Steve has a soft side and heart full of gold. He cares deeply about his family and close friends and there is never anything he wouldn’t do for them. He also makes me laugh and allows me to feel comfortable bringing out my kooky side. I also think he is quite attractive. J


What’s your favourite thing to do with your partner?

Steven: An indoor cricket net session followed by a good dinner and some smooching ;)

Cherie: Having fun…so playing cricket, ping pong, going to dress up parties, dancing, uno, Mario kart, karaoke, etc. We are both so competitive and thus any sport or game generally gets heated but it also provided us with heaps of laughs and brings us together.

What’s the thing you miss the most about your partner when they’re not around?

Steven: I don't have anyone to annoy!

Cherie: His smell and his hugs. I love getting a big hug from Steve and being able to smell his cologne on his neck. When I travel I take an item of clothing of his so I can have his scent with me and something to cuddle up to at night.


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