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Andrew & Sarah

Frankston, Victoria

About you


When did you join eHarmony?

Andrew: I joined eHarmony Mid year 2014

Sarah: Nov / Dec 2014

Why did you join eHarmony?

Andrew: At the time I was working on the night shift so I found it impossible to go out and meet new people and It just made more sense to put myself out there in the comfort of my own home.

Sarah: Being a single mum in a small town where I had lived my whole life, I knew it wouldn’t be easy finding the right person for me. I hadn’t tried internet dating before and decided just to sign up to see what was out there.

Were you in a relationship before joining eHarmony or had you been single for a while?

Andrew: I was living single life with my cat so as one could imagine I was going quite mental as I was living alone so that’s another reason I felt inclined to use Eharmony to talk to some other people with similar interests.

Sarah: Was single for a few months prior. 

Do you have any children from a previous relationship?

Andrew: No kids.

Sarah: Yes, I have a 6 year old son 


About your relationship


When did you first start communicating with your partner?

Andrew: December 17th is when we first started to communicate on a regular basis. We had touched base with icebreakers and the usual but it wasn’t until I set myself on fire and got sprayed with dry ice at work that I came home and sent a lengthy email to sarah just telling her about my ordeals lol. Which is weird because we had already kind of touched base that it wouldn’t work with the distance but I was too stubborn to listen J

Sarah: I think it was around 17-19th December 2014. Firstly through eHarmony communications and then via text. We didn't talk directly over the phone until 26th December 2014.  

When did you go on your first date? What did you do?

Andrew: Sarah and I pretty much clicked before we met. We were both mature enough and both exhausted looking for “the one” we pretty much slammed the door on dating and courting as soon as we found each other and just formed an instant relationship.

Sarah: Unbelievably, we didn’t actually have a proper date until we had been together for 6 months. When we first met, Andy travelled from Frankston to Warrnambool (where I was living) and cooked me a lovely meal. This was the first time we had met face to face and he also met my son. Given, everything felt so natural right from the start, we didn’t feel any need to go on an actual date. We fell into each other’s routines of work and living 4 hours apart, we took turns in travelling to each others house which meant we only had the weekends to spend time together. Given I have a son, going OUT on a date would have been difficult to organize if we actually felt like we should date.

When we ultimately decided to go on a date and take advantage of having a weekend alone, we just decided to go see a movie. 

When did you realize this was something special?  

Andrew: Long before it made any sense to either of us. I believe we both had genuine feelings for each other before we physically met but we were both wary whether we would actually be compatible and have natural chemistry in person. (Turns out we did btw).

Sarah: Right from when we started communicating. We had so many things in common it was like I was looking at myself (but in a male form hahaha). After finding out how much we had in common just after 4 days of communicating, thinking we can’t really be that similar of a person, I remember asking him what he thought my favourite flowers were. In a matter of seconds, he text back and said lilies. I was so surprised, i asked him how he knew and he said “because they’re my favourite to. We’re the same person remember”. That has stuck with me from the beginning. We are not only lovers, but we have always maintained we are best friends. Everything, right down to our music playlists are almost identical. Knowing that he understood me, understood my humour and my beliefs…. Before we even met in person I knew he was the one. They say opposites attract, but after meeting Andy I’m not so sure that’s true. 

What makes you two compatible?

Andrew: That’s a list too long for any questionnaire I’m afraid but ill give you some dots. We have the same taste in everything from food, movies, music, humor, cats, karaoke etc. We literally know what the other is thinking which sounds cliché but it’s true. There is no doubt that there couldn’t possibly be another out there that is more similar to me so im officially done with “dating”.

Sarah: Everything…. Everything from our morals and values, food, music, our love of cats, our height, the same sense of humour, and the fact that we even finish each other’s sentences (and have done so from the start) as if we were separated at birth. We always joked about the fact that we might have been but I don’t think that’s possible given he was born in England and I in Australia. 

What does the future hold for you two?

Andrew: Well we are getting married on my birthday (yay) which is five weeks from here. Our wedding is going to be perfect because we decided to have a small intimate ceremony. Not sure how it happened but we were just talking when she was driving and we both figured out A. that we wanted the same wedding and B. we wanted to marry each other soon. It sounds mental and it is but as I said we are both approaching thirty and officially happy and ready to settle down.

Sarah: We are getting married at the Victorian Marriage Registry on 5th December 2015, which is also Andy’s birthday. We hope to start a family at some stage. 

Is there any other significant time in your relationship you’d like to include?

Sarah: When Andy proposed to me. He used cooking twine soaked in kerosense, which waswrapped around a sparkler placed at the start of each letter of each word and each wick of the tealight candles that made up the words "will you be min" so that one candle would light at a time without the need for him to physically light it himself. The ring was in the middle of a love heart, but could only be seen once the love heart was fully lit. There was music playing in the background. It involved a lot of effort on his part to de-wick each candle and wrap twine around each wick. It was perfect and so clever... It was my very own pyrotechnics display of love. 

About your partner


What’s your favorite thing about your partner?

Andrew: Her personality. She makes me laugh all the time with her quirks and mannerisms and the way she sees the world with a beautiful innocence. I’m very protective of Sarah and imagine I always will be. I love the fact we can act like children all the time with each other whilst still handling our adult responsibilities

Sarah: It would have to be his humour. That's what attracted me to him in the very first instance of communicating. He has the ability to make me laugh and see the brighter side of life, when I'm having a bad day.  

What’s your partner’s best quality?

Andrew: The best thing about Sarah would have to be her drive. Ive been with some partners that hide behind excuses but Sarah remains on top of her issues while maintaining an impressive career, all during a time period where she was raising a child almost completely alone. Seeing Sarah grow and laugh has been fantastic because I don’t recognize her anymore from that timid, shy and exhausted woman that greeted me into her home which seems forever ago now!

Sarah: His caring, loving, giving nature. He would do anything for anyone with a second thought. He recently took time off work to look after my son who was sick because I had just started a new job. He is a master of surprises, often turning up at my house when I thought I wouldn't be seeing him for 2 weeks because of his work commitments. The first day we met in person, he came to my house with presenets, my son and I. You don't find many people in this world that give so willingly to others, for the sole reason being because they simply care. 

What’s your favorite thing to do with your partner?

Andrew: We are closet rock stars busting out our karaoke system most weekends but we won’t go public because the world isn’t ready for that just yet. I recently started to teach her the ins and outs of texas holdem poker and im pretty sure she’s going to end up liking it as much as I do.

Sarah: We LOVE singing Karaoke together. Our karaoke weekends began, after me succumbing to my inner diva singing Celine Dion in the car one day. Andy decided to take it to the next level and we now have an amp, cordless microphones, smoke machine, disco ball and sometimes costume changes for our Saturday night Karaoke sessions. It has become a popular talking point in our family, so much so that after andy’s cousin spent a night with us recently, singing karaoke, that he went back home to Perth and brought similar equipment to set up at his house. My son has even had a couple of goes at it, whipping out Ghost busters. 

What’s the thing you miss the most about your partner when they’re not around?

Andrew: Her laugh and her ability to make me laugh. The way she looks at me and sways without knowing and the way she hugs me as if she’s a little girl with a teddy bear. When we arnt together we are waiting to be together. More or less inseparable because there isn’t anything we would rather be doing on our own.

Sarah: His presence in general. We lived 4 hours apart for almost 9 months (I have just recently moved to Frankston to live with Andy) and not being able to reach out for him to hold when I was stressed or needed comforting or not seeing his beautiful smile that would just light up the room… these are the things I missed the most and made the most of our opportunities together, when we were living apart. His smile has the ability to make my heart race like I’ve never felt before, and his touch has the ability to calm me. He helps me put into perspective the most important things in life that I need to focus on. 

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