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Emily & Simon

Melbourne, Victoria

About you


When did you join eHarmony?

June 2014

Why did you join eHarmony?

I wanted to give something new a go.

Have you tried other dating sites previously? If so, which ones?


Were you in a relationship before joining eHarmony or had you been single for a while?

I had been single for a while.

Do you have any children from a previous relationship?



About your relationship


When did you first start communicating with your partner?

About a week after I joined.

When did you go on your first date? What did you do?

Our first date was on July 17th, about five weeks after we met. Simon had been working away the entire five weeks. When he got back to Melbourne, I picked him up from the airport and we went out for dinner. We spent every day together before he had to go back to work. We went to the beach, he took me for a helicopter flight (he’s a pilot!) and enjoyed each other.

When did you realise this was something special?

Well before we met face to face we knew we had a strong connection. Meeting solidified it.

What makes you two compatible?

We’ve always been on the same wavelength. We have the same goals and are supportive of each other. There is a lot of respect and loyalty in our relationship.

What does the future hold for you two?


Is there any other significant time in your relationship you’d like to include?

Simons mum passed away six months ago. She lived in rural WA, and we spent a lot of time there while she was sick. I nearly lost my job because I was away for so long but I’m glad I was there for him and his family.

And about two months ago, Simon and I moved in together. Yesterday we bought our first Christmas Tree! 

About your partner


What’s your favourite thing about your partner?

His eyes.

What’s your partner’s best quality?

He is just so loyal to his mates, which is very encouraging. He lives so far from them now so he sees them whenever he has an opportunity (this means we get to travel to Perth a lot). In turn, he strongly encourages and supports my friendships.

What’s your favourite thing to do with your partner?

Cliché as it is, have fun. And we really do have a lot of fun together. I think it’s because we understand each other so well, it’s easy to laugh when we’re together.

What’s the thing you miss the most about your partner when they’re not around?

His company. 

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