Technical support for Video Date

We’re sorry to hear you’re having issues with our new Video Date feature. This is currently offered as a Beta feature and not every system/device may be compatible.  Please reach out to our Customer Care team with your inquiry, so we that we can assist.

Along with your email, please include some basic information regarding the issue, including:

  • Your device type (Smartphone, tablet, PC)
  • Which Browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge) or App are you using (iOS or Android)? Please be sure to include the version of the Browser or App (e.g. Firefox 75, iPhone App 6.11 ).
  • The Profile ID of the match with whom you are communicating
  • What type of Connection are you on (3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, LTE, etc)?
  • Are you accessing the site from work, home or elsewhere (coffee shop, library, etc)? 
  • Please describe the issue that you are encountering.  (If you are receiving any error messages, please include a screen shot of the message that you are seeing. If the error is happening with one or more matches, please include the Name, City and Age of at least one match example. Please also include the full text or list of questions you are trying to send if it’s a communication issue)