Four Easy Steps to Go From Online to an IRL Date

Whether this is your first online dating experience or you just need some quick tips, we’re here to help you smoothly transition from first message to first date. Here are a few easy steps to get you started on eharmony.

Step 1: Show Some Effort

When you join eharmony, you’ll have access to all your matches on day one so there’s no waiting — you have the power to decide exactly who you want to meet and when. Take your time to review each match and check out their pictures and read their profile. You can also see how they compare to you on our 32 Compatibility Dimensions.

And if something in their profile catches your attention, feel free to click the Thumbs Up icon and let them know. Remember, there’s no urgency to review all your matches in one day. Take your time and even adjust your Match Preferences at the bottom of the Matches tab to expand or limit your matches.

Step 2: Favorite Your Matches

As you carefully review your matches and find members who you’d like to get to know better, add them to your Favorites tab so you can easily find them again. Simply click on the star icon in their picture or mark them as a Favorite in the menu.

At this stage in your dating journey, cast a wide net and see what you like and don’t. Keep your options open as you never know who you’ll connect with. Remember to keep adding to your Favorites tab as new matches get added.

Step 3: Make Your Move

We’ve developed new communication tools so making the first move isn’t rocket science. One feature that takes little to no effort is sending a Smile. Once your match responds, you know there’s mutual interest. Next, you can use our Icebreaker feature and discover what you have in common, and when you’re ready, send them a message.

As you get more comfortable in the process, set a goal of how many new matches you reach out to on a daily or weekly basis.

Step 4: Plan the First Date

Once you’ve established a rapport with someone online, and are ready to meet in person, it’s time to set up that first date. Remember that an in-person meeting is an opportunity to see if you have chemistry and enough in common to continue getting to know one another.

We recommend an activity date like bowling, hiking or going to a museum. Pick an activity that brings out your unique personality and allows you to show up relaxed and interested.

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