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8 Tips to Have the Best Dating Photos

There is definitely an art to choosing the best dating photos. Selecting the right pictures can get you more visits and messages. So, follow these eight eharmony-approved tips to help increase your chances at standing out and finding your next relationship.

1. Quality Control

Finding clear and focused pictures is just as important as selecting the right ones to reflect who you are. Ensure your photos are not overexposed or underexposed. Our tip: get your picture taken in daylight and doing an activity that reflects your personality.

2. #BathroomSelfies

In this day and age, it might be natural to take a selfie with your smart phone but in our experience, a little more effort can make a big difference. Try to avoid bathroom and mirror selfies as they are not always well received.

3. No Group Photos, Please

We’ve heard you loud and clear. Group photos are frustrating to deal with in profiles. As a result, in all profiles, we require you to upload only photos of yourself.

4. Say Cheese

Dating is supposed to be fun, so make sure your profile photo shows yourself in a positive light. In our experience, men and women are both more attracted to people that are smiling in their photos. But no matter what, try to project your friendly personality.

5. More is Better

On eharmony, you can share up to 12 profile pictures. We recommend taking advantage of all 12 photo options. Share pictures of yourself doing the activities you love to do: camping, skiing, hiking, surfing, cooking, traveling, etc. Share your interests with your matches.

6. Passion for Fashion

All of your pictures should show off your best side, including what you wear. Find pictures that accurately portray your own personal style.

7. Sunglasses

We get it if you’re at the beach, but posting a ton of pics of you in sunglasses is not the best idea. Your matches want to see your beautiful eyes.

8. Filter Faux Pas

There’s no need to conceal who you are with image editing apps. Your match will ultimately see the real you when you meet. A natural picture of you in good lighting is the best choice, not Facetune or with Snapchat filters.

Overall, if you can’t find a picture of yourself that meets the tips above, don’t sweat it. Enlist a good friend to be your photographer for the day using our tips.

Ultimately, your profile picture should reflect your personality and what’s important to you. Your other photos can reflect various aspects of your life, like playing volleyball, your last vacation or a holiday photo. As mentioned above, the right profile picture is critical to your dating success. It shows that you’re taking dating seriously and put in effort.

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