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Dating in Australia: Connecting with Singles near me

International dating has seen a rise with the emergence of online dating. But for the many singles who prefer to keep romance local, they may be left asking themselves, “Where are the singles near me and which dating app do I use to meet them?”

Using a matching system based on compatibility rather than swiping, we’ve managed to earn our status as the most trusted dating app. Because we put the real you at the centre of every match we make.

Let’s look at how we can help find local singles that are perfectly suited to you.

How to find singles near me in Australia

Australia is known for its thriving dating scene. Here’s where you can meet local singles where you live:    

  • Join a club or local community – Build on an interest while forging new social bonds  
  • Out in nature – If you favour a bit of local adventuring, nearby hiking trails and reserves provide a great space to run into new people while staying active
  • Local events – These can often draw a more diverse selection of Australian singles you may not meet in your day-to-day life

But despite the various opportunities to meet singles, Australia’s often plagued by the same dating issues people face everywhere.

  • People often complain about the time involved in dating but it can also put pressure on your finances, which can leave you resentful if you don’t find success
  • Depending on where you live, the local social scene or lack thereof can leave you wondering, are there actually any singles near me?
  • In contrast, online dating can often overwhelm you with local dating options, leading to a choice overload

So how do you find nearby singles that are right for you? We might have the answer. 

Local dating through eharmony is the path to real love

What allows eharmony to be so effective at putting people in happy, meaningful relationships is our technology-driven approach to matching, using a sophisticated algorithm as well as our 20 years of experience as an industry-leading service. During that time we’ve not just answered the question, “are there singles near me?” but helped people all around the world, including the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States, to find the person they’re meant to be with.

Unlike local dating sites, we’re able to draw on our established reputation to attract a very large and diverse member pool of respectful and inclusive relationship-minded singles from every corner of the world. This global mindset lets us capitalise on the compatibility insights we’ve accumulated from helping over 2 million people in finding lasting love to bring greater dating success to every current member as well as having a sufficient number of users to present you with an extensive list of compatible matches, regardless of where you live.   

Getting started with eharmony

Want to see for yourself? Here’s how easy it is to begin your dating journey with eharmony.

  • The Compatibility Quiz – This simple 20-minute quiz will generate your Personality Profile, which our matching system will use based on 32 distinct personality traits
  • Complete your profile – The more you share about yourself, the more likely you are to attract interest
  • Check out your matches – You can also compare Personality Profiles.
  • Get in touch – Compliment their profile, send them an icebreaker or just send a regular message   

Combining compatibility with personal taste

Compatibility is just the first step. Now you can further refine your Match List. For singles near me, you can set the geographic and age range or use our more advanced criteria such as education, level of income, desire for children and more.

Richly detailed profiles that reveal your similarities

Our profiles are designed to share your life and its contents in a visually engaging way. Visiting another profile will immediately reveal the similarities you share with other local singles, including your interests, lifestyle, goals and character traits.  

Meeting singles near me securely and respectfully

As mentioned, we are rated as the No1 online dating app in the world. This isn’t just due to the reliability of our service but also our commitment to creating a safe and respectful space on our platform, where singles can connect freely and securely.

The right person may be closer than you think

When it comes to dating locally, it can be easy to doubt that the right person for you is out there, let alone somewhere nearby. And between your social scene and the noise of online dating, this notion often becomes compounded, making you feel cast adrift in the dating world.

However, the truth is much less dire. They’re likely out there and probably much closer than you think, you just haven’t interacted yet. Perhaps you already have and you just didn’t notice. eharmony can help you not only find them but also reveal your mutual interest in a meaningful, lasting relationship. So why not take a shortcut? Sign up for eharmony now.  

Start your local dating journey with eharmony for free

If you’re interested in finding out who you’d be matched with, you can do it for free by registering with eharmony today, completing our personality questionnaire and start dating today.

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