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Penrith Singles & Dating: Big City Appeal with a Small Town Feel

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

Nestled between the crystal waters of Nepean River and the stunning Blue Mountains Range, Penrith feels almost hidden away in picturesque seclusion. Less than an hour from Sydney CBD, it gets to enjoy all the luxuries of big city life, while still maintaining all the charms of a small city and its own distinct cultural identity. With almost 60,000 singles in Penrith, let’s find out what the everyday realities for singles look like and how they connect in this modern dating era.

Dating in a mega city like Penrith

Penrith’s incredible proximity to Western Sydney – to the point where it’s considered part of it by some – means that socialising outside the city is very easy and, in fact, is heavily favoured by the city’s younger population. This means an area that’s buzzing and there is the opportunity to meet other people seeking a relationship. However, the traffic involved with getting into the western side of Sydney, compounded by an overburdened public transport system, can sometimes make it challenging for singles to join the fun.

Where to meet Penrith singles locally

  1. If you’ve ever been interested in learning to play a musical instrument, then why not try some group lessons at the Penrith Conservatorium? You get to pick up a new skill while learning and socialising alongside other like-minded people.
  2. If you’re like delicious street food and are wondering how to meet new people in Penrith, try out the Aussie NightMarkets, held the third Sunday of each month. The diverse collection of food vendors and other attractions brings in singles from all over the area.
  3. Get your adrenaline pumping while getting the meet other active Penrith singles at the Cables Wake Park, which offers cable skiing, wakeboarding and kneeboarding. Never tried it before? The park also offers group-training packages.

The shifting lines of modern dating in Penrith

A lot can change about the dating scene while you’re in a relationship or just out of the dating pool, even if it’s just for a couple of years. For many singles who’ve just started dating in Penrith and are looking for something more serious, these shifting sands can be intimidating. So, people turn to a dating site or app not only because it makes it a lot easier to get back into the swing of things, but acts as an opportunity to state romantic requirements. The format also leads you along a natural dating process, building from initial introductory messages to a more friendly conversation to eventually agreeing to meet in person.

To help make the transition to online dating easier, eharmony is there to guide you through your first steps of your dating journey:

  • After picking your gender and the gender you’re interested in, you get the option to sign up through your Apple or Facebook account so that logging in only takes one click. eharmony is also available via desktop and mobile app so you always have access to your account.
  • Part of the signup process is completing the trademarked Compatibility Quiz, which only takes 20 minutes and can be completed at your leisure.
  • Once you’re done with the Quiz, you’ll be given your Personality Profile, which evaluates 39 personality traits that are called your Dimensions of Compatibility.
  • The unique Compatibility Matching System uses your Personality Profile to immediately fill up your Match List with people who you share key core values and personality traits to ensure a good fit.
  • Now just review your list, and start connecting with people. eharmony also includes several resources and tools for starting your conversation off, and dating tips.

Winning local date ideas in Penrith

So, things have been going well on the platform and now you’re ready for your first date. Try out these local favourites:

  • See if you can work together effectively and solve clues to you can escape at Escape Room 51. It’s a great crash course on getting to know someone.
  • If you’re looking for something a little different from the usual New South Wales winery tours, why not try a tour of a sake brewery at Go Shu Sake?
  • In an area already famous Thai fusion cuisine the Bai Bua Thai Restaurant & Café stands apart as a place where you can great authentic food at a great price.

Penrith Singles, find your sweet spot with eharmony

Whether you like riding a wakeboard across the blue waters at Cables, learning to play the guitar at the Conservatorium or just exploring the urban jungle of Sydney, Penrith singles get to live in that perfect sweet spot between big city lights and greenery. A place where you can live at your own pace while still having access to a range of exciting outdoor activities and dynamic cultural events. Whatever pace your pace is, eharmony can help find someone that suits you.

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