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Be bowled over in Bowral

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

It’s an amazing feeling, when you meet someone who can really take your breath away. Someone whose smile can make you smile and whose voice can warm you from the inside out. It’s the sort of feeling you don’t walk away from every date with, in fact it’s pretty rare.

True dating chemistry only happens when two people are deeply attuned to one another in terms of things like humour, intellect and morality – they get one another.

eharmony can help

We aren’t like your average dating website. We get to know the real you. We try to understand your core traits and values and then only introduce you to suitable Bowral singles. Human nature isn’t an exact science so we can’t promise that every date will be with your long lost soul mate, but it’ll certainly put you on the path to deep and meaningful relationships.

First date tips

1. Choose the venue wisely

It’s a good idea to play things safe when planning your first date. Keep things short and sweet, to begin with – a quiet drink in a bar, a walk in the park or a quick dinner or lunch in a little place you know are all great ideas. If you hit it off, the date can always be extended.

There are plenty of suitable eateries when dating in Bowral. Stop by Janeks Cafe for creamy eggs Benedict, tender beef pot pie, or melt-in-the-mouth steak sandwiches; or artisan favourite Biota with their impressive haute cuisine and home-grown vegetables.

For a lovely free dating idea, why not take a wander around Corbett Gardens, one of the regions oldest and most beautiful parks.  It’s accessible at all times so could be great for professional singles  wanting a quiet, relaxing date here after work or a couple in search of a romantic stroll to end a perfect evening.

2. Make an effort

First impressions count for a lot, so it’s important to make an effort. It immediately shows your date that you care about them and want to impress them, whilst giving you an all important confidence boost. Men should shave and dress smartly with freshly washed and ironed clothes. While women should wear makeup and ensure that hair is clean.

3. Keep it light

You should avoid controversial, deep or gloomy conversation topics on first dates. Do not bad mouth your ex or speak of them with yearning – in fact, don’t bring them up at all unless asked specifically and even then be concise and move on. The main aim of the first date is to uncover common ground that can be built on in subsequent meetings, so be sure to ask your date plenty of questions and show a keen interest in what they say.

There’s nothing like a really great first date, where you really connect and bond with the other person. Using our tailored Compatibility Matching System, you can find yourself on more of these spectacular dates and eventually on your way to long lasting relationships. Sign up today – it’s free to review matches . 

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