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Dating in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

There’s no formula for really great dates. A potential date can look perfect on paper: interesting job, great hair, fanatical about footy, but in person, you just don’t…click. It’s exasperating, but that’s what happens sometimes. It’s because true dating chemistry comes from deep-rooted compatibility. It’s the kind of intel you can’t really grasp from a well written ‘about me’ section with your average dating website , there’ll always be some non-compatibles who slip through the net (and into your inbox). But at eharmony we do things differently, our scientific approach sums up exactly who you are, and then offers you a pool of like-minded singles to choose from.

It can put an end to boring, pointless dates.. It means no more strained good-night kisses or polite feigned interest. Forget frustration, the only thing you’ll leave your eharmony date with is a belly full of butterflies.

Dating in Eastern Sydney

Stray into the day…

Don’t automatically assume that it has to be in the evening, or revolve around alcohol. If you’re self-employed, a shift worker, a student or have young children then a date during the day might actually work better for you. Keep conversations light-hearted and ask plenty of questions – this is your opportunity to work out whether there’s any basis for a relationship here. Anything that’s conducive to conversation will work fine as a first date activity-do steer clear of movies, concerts and any other unsociable activities.

Bondi Beach

Lucky for you, if you’re datingin the Eastern Suburbs, you’ve got the world famous Bondi Beach right onyour doorstep! So why not plan a beach-orientated date: a chilledpicnic, game of footie or even just a stroll in the sand? It doesn’treally matter what you do, just get out and spend some time together andsee where things lead. If you’re both dog owners, you could always walkthem along the beach together – you never know, the pups may get onalmost as well as you guys.

Centennial Park

This huge (220 hectares) park is located just 4km South-East of Sydney’s central business district and offers heaps of entertainment: there are tennis courts, bird-watching areas, rollerblading and bike and horse hiring facilities. Why not book yourselves onto a Sunday morning horse ride for a first date with a difference?  With Centennial’s horses, you can canter around the lake and across the park’s rolling meadows together – romantic, and fun!

Harry’s Cafe de Wheels

It’s been a Sydney institution since 1945 when proprietor, Harry ‘Tiger’ Edwards set up shop to serve visiting sailors, and it sees actors, celebrities and international rock stars rubbing shoulders with white-collar folk, students and anyone else overcome with the sudden urge to chow down on his unique blend of hearty homemade pies. It’s great for professional singles who want to squeeze in a quick lunch date between meetings and it certainly won’t break the bank either.

eharmony has an extensive history of successful matchmaking, we’ve worked out what works and what doesn’t. Ultimately, we aim to stay in the background – you take control of who you date, when you date and why – we just rule out the non-starters. Take the first step today, and review your quality matches for free!

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