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Dating in Nowra with eharmony

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

There’s nothing like that first date feeling

Waiting tentatively by the bar, taking deep breaths, smoothing our hair and trying to swallow back down that flutter of butterflies currently making their way up our throats. There’s nothing like that first date feeling, so why do we waste it on the same old tired routine? This evening could be the beginning of a magical journey for the pair of you, don’t you want to start it with a bang?

Go for active, rather than passive dates

So often in first date scenarios, Nowra singles opt for safe, passive activities such as drinks or dinner. Yes, drinks and dinner can make for fine Nowra dating pastimes – it’s great to sit and talk with your date and work out how compatible you are but sharing new experiences has been proven to build connections quickly. So instead of meeting your date and heading straight for the nearest bar, stop off at one of these places first…

Shoalhaven Zoo.

Everybody loves the zoo! It oozes a special kind of nostalgic appeal and fills grown men and women with the kind of wonder and excitement that we thought had been left behind at primary school. Coo over baby elephants together or marvel at the leopard tortoises.


A perfect adrenaline inducing activity for any couples dating in Nowra . And it doesn’t matter if your skating ability is akin to Bambi’s first steps, this just gives your date an excuse to hold you a little tighter – and a talking point you can joke about over drinks later.

A surf lesson!

Try your hands at water-skiing, wake-boarding, surfing or speed boat handling at the Walking On Water Surf School. You and your date are sure to share some laughs and it may even incite a little friendly competition between the pair of you.

Custom make your date, to your date.

The best thing about using a dating website to meet matches is that you get a really clear idea of what they’re into very quickly. It removes all of the guesswork. If your date ran a marathon last year or enjoys fitness in general, you can imagine he or she might enjoy an afternoon biking in the outback for instance.

For your Nowra dating needs, head to eharmony.

To be honest, if your date is with someone who’s really right for you, you’re going to have fun doing anything! So just relax and let your personality have a chance to shine through. Meeting matches through eharmony can increase your chance of more enjoyable first dates which may lead to successful second, third and fourth dates. Our Compatibility Matching System will introduce you to local singles that are well suited to your interests and personality so you can feel confident you’re more likely to meet someone you’re going to enjoy dating, wherever that might lead. It’s free to review matches, so why not try today?

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