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Dating in Tamworth

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

It may have achieved national notoriety as the ‘Country Music Capital of Australia’ but just like the rest of the country, many Tamworth Singles are too busy working ‘9 to 5’ (what a way to make a living), ‘on the road again’ or generally just ‘killin’ time’ to find that special someone.

It takes work.

Hollywood has a nasty habit of trivialising the complexity of finding deep love. It would be great if we all lived that whimsical, serendipitous kind of life where people just happen to spill hot coffee all over future husbands on their way to work, or get seated next to life-changing girlfriends on long-haul flights to Broome. But unfortunately, we’re dating in Tamworth (not fuzzy Rom-Com land) and things like that don’t usually happen.

In real life, Tamworth dating is about trial and error and lots of it. True dating chemistry comes from deep-seated compatibility regarding traits like humour, intellect and passion; and successful relationships hinge around similar ambitions and world views. Finding the ‘right’ person is actually pretty difficult.

But eharmony can help.

Unlike your average Tamworth dating site we try to get to the heart of who you really are and then, using our tailored Compatibility Matching System, present you with a pool of matches we know you’re more likely to get on well with. What happens next – a chat, a date, a lifetime together – is completely up to you!

Useful starting points when dating in Tamworth:


Something cultural like a trip to a museum or gallery could for a great first or second date idea:

entry is often free and as you’ll be wandering around a lot looking at exhibitions, there’s no looming pressure to fill every conversational lull (if there even is one -the place should be filled with possible conversation fodder). As you probably know, Tamworth is the home of Australian Country music and whether you’re a massive fan or not we say when in Rome do as the Romans do and give it a try. Walk A Country Mile Museum and The Australian Country Music Hall of Fame are both excellent.

Food and wine

It’s a tried and tested classic and with good reason too; there’s nothing like getting to know your matches over a romantic dinner, leisurely lunch or spritely after-work drinks for professional singles .There are plenty of local restaurants suitable for a spot on Tamworth dating , it all depends on what you fancy. Melt-in-the-mouth peppercorn steak at Safari Club or a little sophisticated French dish at Le Pruneau – it’s up to you when dating in Tamworth.

Where ever you go, and whatever you decide to do, meet your matches at eharmony first. Our system has been proven to lead to successful relationships and as it’s currently free to review matches – you really do have nothing to lose by signing up and checking things out. Sign up today and see.

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