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Explore compatibility-based Christian dating on eharmony

If you’re a Christian dating in Australia, you’re probably all too familiar with how difficult it can be to find someone who shares both your faith and your values on Christian dating. More than that, you also want someone who excites you and makes you feel special. Many singles of faith turn to a Christian dating site as it takes care of that first dating requirement right from the start. However, at eharmony, we simultaneously weigh your relationship checklist with the sometimes-hidden ingredients that make meaningful, happy relationships, so we can give your relationship journey the best chance of success. Let’s look at modern Christan dating and how eharmony can help you.

5 effective tips for modern Christian dating

Dating between Christians in Australia has its challenges. Here are some of the most common issues that can affect your dating life and how to get past them.  

1. Establish your boundaries early

Christians are not a monolith. Every Christian has their own relationship with their faith and different values they emphasise. These outlooks can affect Christian dating, including pre-marital sex, cohabitation, gender roles and how soon to get married. These views tend to be rigid, which is why it’s important to establish your respective Christian tenets as soon as possible rather than waste time on an incompatible relationship.

2. There is no perfect pace for dating so find your own

The Christian faith places a lot of emphasis on marriage and family. For many Christians, marriage is the only way to take the next step in personal intimacy. However, it’s important to only take these steps if you’re truly confident and happy with them. Don’t rush into commitments with the wrong person just because it seems like the thing to do. 

3. Don’t assume sharing a religion means sharing values

Even within the same church, two people can have vastly different values when it comes to issues like morality, politics and relationship dynamics. Finding a Christian may be an important factor for your dating life but let it be the only factor. It’s crucial that you also value your own fulfilment in a relationship. 

4. Don’t let other people dictate how you date

People’s perceptions of Christian dating can often be wildly inaccurate and misguided. Many assume they know your general outlook, the contents of your relationships and your approach to intimacy. Similarly, other Christians can often be overly prescriptive about how you should date and what’s appropriate. Just like your relationship with your faith is your own, so should it be in your relationships with others.

5. Reach out to people for Christian dating advice

Just because you shouldn’t let people tell you how to date doesn’t mean you can’t seek out advice from people you respect. That’s the nice thing about advice, you get to decide which parts of it to take and which to leave. If something in your relationship or the dating process is troubling you, an outside perspective of another Christian can give you clarity on whether what you’re going through is typical or not.   

Why Christian singles choose eharmony rather than a niche Christian dating site

eharmony has helped over 2 million people from all faiths and backgrounds find love. Here are some of our features that help ensure a meaningful relationship journey from day one.   

Match with people based on your faith and compatibility

Everything at eharmony begins with compatibility. We don’t put singles in your Match List unless we have a good idea of how well suited to you they are. We achieve this by getting you to fill out our Compatibility Quiz when you join so we can understand your personality, lifestyle and relationship goals. Then our Compatibility Matching System actively seeks out members who have been proven to fit your personality profile. 

Find your exact type using our filters

Your Match List is just the first step on your Christian dating journey with eharmony. We want you to find exactly who you’re looking for. So next, it’s time to start applying your own relationship checklist to the results. You can start by filtering based on age, location and also religion and then move on to our more robust filters that include:  whether they already have or want children someday, their education and even their income level.  

Our profiles let you get to know the person before you reach out

We’ve designed our profiles to offer as much information about the other person in the smallest space possible, so you don’t have to spend hours browsing through profiles. We include their general biographical details as well as the things that occupy their lives and ignite their passions, such as their hobbies, favourite movies, travel aspirations and even their dreams for the future.

Truly connect with our advanced communication features

If you’re tired of coming up with witty openers in chat to catch the other person’s attention, you can use one of our many communication features instead. You could send an Icebreaker to get to know other Christian singles in a fun way, send over a smile or compliment an aspect of their profile. Once things get friendlier, you can even schedule a Video Date securely on our platform, so you can have a face-to-face.   

Top class security that lets you connect with confidence

eharmony wasn’t rated as the No1 most trusted dating app for no reason. Our members’ privacy and sense of safety is everything to us. From scanning our system to delete malicious or dishonest accounts to a highly responsive customer care team that deals with your issues quickly and effectively, we want you to connect with people on eharmony without cynicism. 

Get the most out of your Christian dating journey with us

Modern life has certainly changed a lot about Christian dating in Australia. Where people often used to meet Christian singles at their church, you can now find a Christian who also wants to travel through Europe and loves the same music as you and have a video date with them anywhere you like. eharmony can help you in your journey and provide support when you need it most. Don’t settle. Come find your ideal Christian partner on eharmony today.

HOW Christian Dating Works With eharmony

Your search for a great relationship has never been easier with groundbreaking overhaul of the eharmony you know and trust.