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This is where we first meet. You start by taking our Relationship Questionnaire — it's the first step in finding love. It's designed to help us get to know you at a deeper level, and is comprehensive and at times revealing. But don't worry, it's a lot of fun and a breeze to get through.

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It's important to be honest when answering the questionnaire — we ask you these questions so we can match you with people who are truly compatible with you. Don't worry if you're messy or you get sweaty palms — these quirks make us who we are. And remember, it's not a test so relax and have fun! To make things even easier, you can take the questionnaire anytime, anywhere using your desktop, mobile device, or iPad.

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Well, not quite magic, but pretty close! There's a lot of science that goes into our matchmaking process. We dig deeper to get to know you better while identifying matches with the highest potential for a successful relationship.

This is what separates us from our competitors. We search among millions of singles based on Key Dimensions that are crucial for relationship success — our secret sauce is the way we understand who you are and who you match best with using the latest technology.

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eHarmony delivers you a piping hot batch of matches, daily. It's ok to do jumping heel clicks at this stage. Once matched, review their profiles. Pick a membership that works best for you. Then start talking with your matches — You'll see how organic the process becomes with Guided Communication and features to let you talk to matches at a comfortable pace for you.

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We make meaningful introductions — only compatible matches fill your inbox. That means the chances are high that you're going to get along with them, at the very least. And once you start communicating you’ll find out if sparks are there.

Get to know your matches at your own pace — ask pre-selected, meaningful questions to get to know your matches quickly or say it your way with a custom message.

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We take your privacy and security very seriously — so only your matches can see you and you must be a member to see photos. This is unlike our competitors who allow users to randomly search for people and contact them. Not in our house.

Join eHarmony today and enjoy the excitement of finding someone who truly understands you. Finding a great connection on eHarmony is within reach and we're here to help you grab hold of it.

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