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Indian Dating in Australia: how eharmony connects you with like-minded singles

by eharmony Editorial Team March 14, 2024

Did you know that around 750,000 Indian-born people are living in Australia?1 While some marriages are still arranged to some degree by parents or other family members, more and more Indian Australians are finding their own partners. If you’d like to be one of them, eharmony can help you navigate your way around Indian dating.

Why use eharmony for Indian dating in Australia?

Indian culture has always valued compatibility – in times past (and even present!) families used horoscopes to ensure their children made a good match. At eharmony, we help you find that special someone based on our unique Compatibility Matching System. When you start Indian dating with eharmony, you’ll fill out a detailed questionnaire about your likes, dislikes, your values, what you’re looking for in a partner, and more. We’ll use what we know about you to pair you with potential dates who share the same values and want the same things from a relationship.

Why use eharmony rather than other dating sites?

You might wonder, why eharmony rather than a traditional Indian dating site. Three reasons why Indian singles should use eharmony:  

We’re focused on compatibility

As we mentioned before, compatibility is the cornerstone of everything we do at eharmony. We have over 20 years’ experience in helping people find partners they feel a long and lasting connection with, whose relationship is based on shared values.

We put the spotlight on you

When you sign up for eharmony, we ask you to fill out a detailed questionnaire about your personality, your likes and dislikes, your values, and much more. We use this information to select the best options for you from our pool of eligible singles.

Our filtering options let you pick as you please

We understand that not every Indian single on our website wants the same thing. Narrow down your options based on distance, interest and further so finding the right person is that much easier.

Challenges of Indian dating: Embracing opportunities and connections

Alas, the course of true love rarely runs smooth when it comes to Indian dating. Some of the obstacles desi singles might run into while choosing a partner include:

Cultural differences

India is vast and diverse with a whole host of different cultures. Navigating these cultures can often come with unexpected difficulties, which is why it’s especially important to communicate clearly and honestly with each other.

Balancing traditional and modern values

Like many immigrant communities, Indian Australians often have to navigate the gap between traditional Indian values and western ones. It can be challenging to find a partner who both respects Indian dating culture and is also open to Australian’s more casual norms. 

Indian single woman dating online on eharmony while waiting for the metro

Although eharmony’s not a traditional Indian dating site, there are ways to increase your likelihood of finding compatible Indian dating options.

Be clear about what you want

Communication is key, especially when it comes to Indian online dating. Are you looking for a casual relationship? Something more serious? Are you only interested in dating fellow desi? Making all that clear right away will help you attract the kind of people you’re looking for.

Use your profile to full advantage

At eharmony, we believe in the value of a detailed profile. Which is why we encourage you to take your time filling yours and offer prompts in case you get stuck. Your profile is how potential partners get to know you, so don’t be shy! Include aspects specific to your heritage and culture, or talk about the traditions and values that are important to you.

Ask your friends and family to help

Given how important family is, it’s worth asking yours to join you on your Indian dating journey. Many Indian parents still struggle with letting their children make their own dating choices and letting them see you’re using a dating app that prioritizes compatibility and finding a serious relationship may make it easier on both them and you.

Take it slow

One of the best parts of online dating, even if it isn’t an Indian dating site or app specifically, is the ability to take things at your own pace. You might both share a heritage, but that’s just a starting point – there’s so many other things that will determine whether you make a good match. It’s worth taking the time to really get to known each other before you decide whether this rishtaa will work out.

Tips for navigating Indian dating culture

While India is diverse enough that you can’t really generalize about Indian dating culture, a few tips on dating as an Indian:

Keep at least the first few dates public

Traditional values are important to many Indian singles. Sticking to public dates (museum visits, picnics, comedy shows or plays) can signal to both your date and their family that you respect their values and your shared culture.

Don’t worry about distance 

The best part about online dating is that you don’t have to be in the same location. Don’t be put off by a match in Sydney when you’re in Perth – you never know where you might find someone who’s just right for you. And with eharmony’s secure, private messaging system? You can get to know them in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Have the serious conversations

Australians of Indian origin come from many different places and backgrounds, meaning that there can often be culture clashes. It’s important to be sure you’re on the same page, especially if you’re looking for a lasting relationship.

Mix tradition and modernity in your search for love

Dating as an Indian can feel complicated, or like you’re never going to find someone who values the same things you do. At eharmony, we’ve got decades of experience bringing like-minded people of every ethnicity together. Regardless of whether you’re looking for someone of the same background or just seeing what the possibilities for Indian dating are, we can help. So sign up for eharmony and take your first steps towards happiness today.

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