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a look at the lives of newcastle singles, on- and offline

by eharmony Editorial Team - January 23, 2023

Newcastle is a city as well known for its pearly beaches as for its storied history as a major Australian port.

Making up 44% of the population1 Newcastle singles can take advantage of a vibrant, bustling dating scene.

How do I date in Newcastle?

Here’s how you can get active in Newcastle dating:

Singles bars  – A singles bar in  Newcastle, NSW  is one the easiest places to meet new people. Downtown on Darby Street, the relaxed 5 Sawyers bar, and along the river by Wharf Road, including the iconic Honeysuckle Hotel, are good locations. For a more lowkey, speakeasy atmosphere try The Underground, beneath the famous Grand Hotel.

Hit the gym – Gyms and particularly group classes are a great way to get involved with a new community and get in touch with other Newcastle singles. Your closest gym will work. There are also some popular free outdoor gyms at Islington Park and Newcastle University.

Try a new hobby – Hobby groups open you up to new communities, naturally foster new connections and let you build on a handy skill or activity outside of work and family. 

Online dating in the city

Online dating has become almost a default method for many young Novocastrians wondering how to meet singles in my area. It’s a great solution for anyone asking themselves, how do I date in Newcastle, because it lets you start the process from any location, any time you want.

And instead of trying to cold start a conversation with a complete stranger in public, you’re immediately put in touch with nearby Newcastle singles who are also interested in dating, which makes interacting less strained.

There are still rules, however. Here are some quick dos and don’ts of online dating:

  • Do be authentic. Always be the real you or people can tell
  • Don’t be rude. A polite, open-ended message will get you further than being pushy
  • Do think about your first message. You want it to be short and immediately engaging
  • Don’t share too much about yourself. It keeps you safer and leaves some conversation topics for your first date

How eharmony makes the process simple

We make navigating the Newcastle dating scene easy. No longer do you need to ask, where do singles meet in Newcastle? Because we do the searching for you, using our unique Compatibility Matching System to intelligently seek out singles who match your personality and lifestyle.

Here are some of our most effective features:

Compatibility-based matching

When you join eharmony, we’ll ask you to take our Compatibility Quiz. Your answers tell us everything we need to know about your personality, how you organise your life, your style of communication and what you need in a relationship. Then we use this data to only match you with the most compatible Newcastle singles.

Enhanced platform features

Our profiles are designed to help you put your best foot forward and paint an authentic picture of you for other users.

Our filters also let you quickly break down your Match List of compatible Newcastle singles even further based on location, height, education, level of income, willingness to have children and so much more. 

A large and genuine membership base

We’ve helped over 2 million people find love, and eharmony members by and large are diverse, open-minded and inclusive. Most importantly, they’re all  looking for that special connection and a lasting relationship. We take your safety and security very seriously and out Customer Care are constantly vigilant in cracking down on scammers and fake accounts. 

Newcastle first date ideas that will get you the second

Once you’ve met someone interesting on eharmony and got to know them, you may need a date idea. Here are some Newcastle dating hotspots:

  • Paint & Sip Studios, Downtown  – Let your creative side out with these guided painting sessions. You can also bring your own food and drink  
  • Karaoke at Strike Charlestown – This can be a bit of an out-there first date, but the private karaoke rooms are also a great way to break through those first-date jitters
  • Subo on Hunter St – Perhaps an expensive option for a first date, serving a Modern Australian 5-course set menu, it’s guaranteed to impress whoever is lucky to be taken there
  • Out and About Adventures  – SUP board or go kayaking along the famous waterways for a more active date, with the option of coffee and pastries afterwards

Find your diamond in the rough on eharmony

Newcastle can often feel like a city of contradictions, as much an idyllic coastal getaway as it is a proud and gritty coal town. This is a duality that can often be sharply felt by Newcastle singles wading into the dating pool. But it’s easy to forget that finding your place is as easy as just finding one right person.

Love is complicated and yet all it really entails is finding one person. We’ve been helping people do just that for 20 years, so why not let us help you? Join eharmony today.

How to meet Singles near you with eharmony

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  1. According to the Australian Bureau of statistics