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Meet singles in Coffs Harbour

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

Your city can’t put a foot wrong, Coffs Harbour singles! Heralded as having the ‘most liveable climate in Australia’ and extremely popular with people wanting to trade the rat race of Newcastle, Brisbane and Sydney for relaxed coastal living – its population is growing at an alarming rate. But what does this mean for Coffs Harbour singles looking for love?

It’s about quality not quantity.

Over your lifetime, you’re going to go on your fair share of dates – that’s a given. But when you take stock months or even years down the line, how many of these distant lost-potentials will you actually remember? How many will have made an impact? And how many will have just slinked into the background? It takes a special sort person to stand out from the Coffs Harbour dating crowd and meeting them isn’t about luck or persistence.

It’s about Science!

True dating compatibility comes from deep-rooted congruency regarding issues like humour, priorities and world views. eharmony isn’t like your average dating website because we get to know the reall you, and only introduce you to truly compatible matches. That means no more bland dates with forgettable people and more chance of a deep and meaningful relationships. Better still, it’s free to review matches!

Stuck for date ideas? Why not…

Explore some national beauty while dating in Coffs Harbour:

Nestled between a high mountain backdrop and dozens of unspoiled natural beaches, Coffs Harbour singles are lucky to find themselves in one of the most picturesque corners of Australia. Seeing as you’re so close to so many National Parks, why not plan an outdoor date to one?

Bindarri National Park, 20km west of Coffs Harbour has been stylised by several streams that have engraved deep gorges in the park, leaving a dramatic, ethereal landscape. The best thing about a walk through the park is that it can be as brief or as long as you want. If you have hours to kill, why not talk a bush walk through the pristine old-growth forests together? Discover cascading waterfalls, secret inlets and magnificent mountain birds. While professional singles or anyone else a little more pressed for time can drive directly to the lookout point at the junction of Jersey Bull Road, Pine Road and Range Road and eat a quick picnic looking out over the Orara Valley – a gloriously simple free Coffs Harbour dating idea.

Go for dinner?

Appease your stomach as well as your heart and go to dinner when dating in Coffs Harbour . The Taste of North India on Harbour Drive has been consistently rated as the best Indian Restaurant in town with a mouth-watering menu and friendly staff. Mangrove Jacks and Cafe Aqua are two other great alternatives if you’d prefer a brunch or lunchtime date.

Think outside the box

If you put your mind to it, you could organise a really special Coffs Harbour dating idea that your date is going to love. If they have a bit of a sweet tooth, what about the Carobana Chocolate Factory? It’s a working factory and retail outlet that produces a large range of carob coated products, crunchy nut brittles and honeycomb. Factory tours can be arranged (which include a free sample, naturally) but booking is essential so you’ll need to be on the ball with this one!

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