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Dating in Byron Bay

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

This sleepy seaside town, right in the far north-eastern corner of New South Wales can never be accused of lacking in either beauty or serenity. With a permanent population of just 5,000 people and an influx of southerners and backpackers in the winter months, does this mean that Byron Bay singles have a tougher time finding love?

 True dating chemistry, the kind that lumbers you a babbling idiot and ties your stomach up in knots, is something that’s hard to come by. It doesn’t happen every day, it doesn’t always happen every year.  It’s not a numbers game and it shouldn’t be left to chance…

It’s about finding someone on your level

A date who’s on your wavelength, so to speak. A person who thinks the way you think and whose core values match yours. A match who gets you, and can make you laugh in a way that no one else can. Signing up to eharmony can help. We use tried and tested scientific methods to track down possible matches who share your characteristics so we know you’re going to enjoy dating them, and that sparks are likely to fly. What happens next is up to you.

Once you’ve found someone, why not try these first date ideas:

To the lighthouse!

For more than a hundred years, this tranquil lighthouse has stood on the bay, proudly looking out into the ocean. A walk (or drive, for the lazy) to the summit can provide a great opportunity to chat to your date and learn about them. The views are breathtaking and extensive – it’s even possible to see migrating whales and dolphins

Take them to dinner.

Romantic and delicious, the dinner date is atimeless classic and a totally enjoyable way of getting to know someonenew.

You’re spoiled for choice when dating in Byron Bay, the streets arebrimming with new eateries.

The Petit Snail, on Carlyle St is agreatchoice! This entertaining little family run French place is warmandwelcoming. The food won’t disappoint either – both the steak andcrèmebrulee are fantastic.

Have a picnic on the beach.

If you don’t really like the formality of restaurants or who prefer a free dating option, then why not settle in for a picnic on Watego Bay at sunset – utterly romantic and at next to no cost!

Stray into the day

Evening activities are obviously preferable for professional singles, but if you’re a student or shift worker, why not organise a daytime date? How about a game of footie on the beach? Or an afternoon of surfing? If you fancy venturing further afield, you could always visit Bangalow for the day. This quaint village 30 minutes from Byron Bay is well worth the trip. .

Whatever you decide to do when dating in Byron Bay , if you’re looking to find a partner who really gets you and who you can’t get enough of, try eharmony – it’s free to review matches .

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