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Dating in Griffith

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

Early dates are amazing, when it’s with someone you really connect with and sparks are flying and there’s so much chemistry in the air, it’s a surprise the Scientific Support Unit hasn’t been alerted! It’s a crime that instead of using this time as an opportunity to engage in some sort of unique activity with your date , many Griffith singles subject them to the same dank routine of drinks, movies and dinner dates.

Why not try some inspired date ideas when dating in Griffith?

Cocoparra National Park

It’s an 8,358 hectare plot located just 25km northwest of Griffith, in the Riverina region of south western NSW and features prominent and magnificent hill ranges including the huge Bingar and Brogden Mountains. If you’re looking for a second or third date idea, perhaps an excuse to spend a little longer together in order to get to know one another a little more, this National Park could make for a great destination. So strap on your walking boots, get out your bird-watching binoculars and pack a scrumptious picnic for two. It’s a sure-fire winner.

Griffith Regional Art Gallery

Gallery or museum dates make for great second or third outing ideas. There’s always plenty to look at: interactive displays, paintings to get up close and personal with – so there’s no pressure to be chatting to one another constantly. You don’t need to worry about making everything you say absolutely hilarious or take on the burden of filling every single conversational lull. You should always go for lunch or to a bar right afterwards to share what you’ve just learned.

We aren’t like your averagedating website. We get to know the real you. We learn your core traitsand values and then only introduce you to suitable Griffith singles. Thekind we know you’ll have a great time dating! Human nature isn’t anexact science so we can’t promise that every date will be with yourfuture spouse but it’ll certainly put you on the path to a deep andmeaningful relationship.

Hermits Caves and Lookouts

It was once the home of Valerio Riccett, a miner from Broken Hill who, after being jilted, fled to live life as a hermit in his cave on Scenic Hill before falling ill and later passing away. It’s a deeply poignant story but stunningly beautiful scenery. Wandering around here with your date is sure to inspire romance. For an extra special idea if you’re dating in Griffith, surprise your date with a trip here at sunset, bringing along wine and a picnic.

Whatever you choose to do, come to eharmony first

Take a class together

It’s certainly an unusual date idea, but if over the course of your preliminary Griffith dating experience, you uncover some joint need to speak flawless Italian, why not use this as an opportunity to spend some quality time together? Griffith Italian Museum doubles up as a learning annex and function room, providing a number of quality classes.

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