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Post Gold Rush Dating

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

It may have pretty much been the epicentre of the nineteen century Victorian gold rush, but how simple is it for today’s Bendigonians to dig out romantic gems?

Dating isn’t a numbers game, the city’s urban population may be approaching 100,000 but being surrounded by other Bendigo singles doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll find someone special; just as surrounding yourself with quantum mechanical literature doesn’t automatically guarantee you to solve the cosmic inflation dilemma. True romantic compatibility is rare; it comes from deep-rooted congruency regarding core personality traits.

eharmony can help.

We aren’t like your average dating website. We get to know the real you; your values, your beliefs, what makes you tick, and then only ever introduce you to a pool of matches who you’re likely to really get on well with. What happens next,  whether that’s a couple of messages back and forth, a few dates, or your next big relationship, is totally up to you.

What to do when dating in Bendigo?

People always seem to panic over first dates but there really is no need. Bendigo singles should give themselves a break and remember that first dates are an opportunity for them to vet possible matches, not just some grilling on their personality and so the stranger sitting across from you is likely to be just as nervous as you are.

With this in mind, it’s best to keep first dates short and casual; a coffee, a walk in the park or maybe a couple drinks in a bar after work for professional singles . Cafe au Lait on Mitchell Street is a safe brunch option, with it’s gorgeous veranda featuring post-modernist columns and fantastic menu.

It’s just a short walk from Rosalind Park too, so ifyou find you’re hitting it off the date can always be extended toinclude a leisurely walk along the River Red Gums, through the ferneryand towards the creek.

If you worry about making conversation then you might prefer a date that has some kind centralised activity or focal point. How about a trip to Bendigo Art Gallery, Deborah Gold Mine or the Golden Dragon Museum? When you’re wandering through the Discovery Science and Technology Centre, looking at all the exhibits you won’t be expected to fill every single conversational lull and this can take away some of that unnecessary pressure.

If you’re able to laugh in the face of possible awkward silences then maybe you’d enjoy a more traditional dinner date. It can be a great, simple way of getting to know a date. There are plenty of options when dating in Bendigo: Bouchon is an excellent French place that prides itself on its comfortable atmosphere or there’s Borchelli, where Bendigo singles can play it safe with a hearty Italian.

Whichever kind of Bendigo dating you find yourself drawn to, signing up to eharmony can be your first step towards worthwhile dates with likeminded local singles. Sign up today and review matches for free!

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