More than half of Aussies would relocate to be with a partner

Relationships  |  September 21, 2023

If relocating for love works for the loved-up farmers and their partners on Farmer Wants a Wife, then why wouldn’t it work for you? It appears that more than half of Australians agree and a study by eharmony has revealed that more than half of Australians have relocated to be with a partner, or would consider relocating in the name of romance.


of Australians have relocated, or would relocate to pursue a romantic relationship

Going the distance

There’s certainly something in the country air if Farmer Wants a Wife is anything to go by, with 99 marriages and 225 children resulting from on-air matches to date worldwide. Country life seems to be a more enticing prospect: two-thirds (66%) of those surveyed would be willing to leave the city and move to the country to be with a partner, while a lower 51% would be willing to do the opposite. That said, it seems Australians are sceptical once the honeymoon stage is over, with the research revealing that only 42% of Australians believe city and country people would be compatible in a relationship.

% who agree

Would be willing to leave the city and relocate to the country for love

Would relocate from the country to the city

Believe that there is romantic compatibility between city and country dwellers

n = 1,001; Percentages rounded; supported

Taking the leap for love

Getting out of your comfort zone and building a new life for yourself is never easy. The best advice is to make sure you’re both fully committed to taking such a big step. There are going to be key challenges for the person relocating, such as settling in and starting over in a new environment. If you are nervous about taking the plunge, then think again – more than two thirds (68%) of those who did relocate for love are still together, with only 2% reporting their relationship had failed due to the move. That being said, When two hearts come together, it doesn’t matter where you come from. Love is a very powerful emotion – it can move mountains, or in this case, postcodes.

Not even the thought of leaving family and friends behind would stand in the way of love, with 52% prepared to leave everything behind. Meanwhile, a quarter (24%) would leave a successful job to move across the country for love.


would be prepared to leave family and friends behind for love


would leave a successful job to move across the country for love

Making it work

One in two Aussies (44%) would move to another country to be with a partner, with one in five (21%) even content to move to a country where they didn’t know the language. You may find you are tested in more ways than one during the move, but if you are compatible as a couple and open to the situation, it really may bring you the happy ending you are looking for.

As a couple, you’ll both need to draw on certain traits to be successful in any life changing situations. Looking at eharmony’s Dimensions of Compatibility, couples will need adaptability, empathy, good communication and similar attitudes towards the relationship, to make a big move work.


of Aussies would move abroad to be with a partner


would even move to a country where they didn’t speak the language

Study information
  • Study typeSurvey
  • Sample Size1,000
  • Region/City/CountryAustralia
  • LanguageEngliah