The languages that accent-uate your luck when finding love

Attraction  |  November 15, 2023

When it comes to accent attraction some countries are worlds apart, according to new eharmony research about online daters’ perceptions of which inflections are most charming, smart or downright annoying.

While the survey results reinforce some celebrated stereotypes – for instance, a French accent is still the ‘language of love’ – there were some surprises amongst the top placings.

Allure of an accent

Accents have been declared an advantage or asset by those looking for a potential partner, with 42% of all survey respondents saying they boost attractiveness. A small proportion (8%) even sheepishly admitted to exaggerating their own accent in a bid to seem more attractive.

International accents were also positively associated with online love-seekers’ perceptions of likeability (29% agreed), friendliness (30%), being interesting (30%) and wanting to get to know someone (29%).

% of participants

Think that accents boost a person’s attractiveness

Would exaggerate their own accent to appear more attractive

Positively associate international accents with likeability

Associate international accents with that person being interesting

Would want to get to know someone more if they had an international accent

n = 1,001; Percentages rounded; supported

Which accents win the swoon stakes?

According to eharmony’s findings, French is the most attractive foreign accent (39%), followed by British English (30%) and Italian (29%).

% of participants


British English


n = 2,000; Percentages rounded; supported

French (56%) also takes gold for most romantic, with Italian (41%) and Spanish (16%) trailing behind, but British English is the clear winner across multiple measures, including most intelligent (44%), most honest (32%) and most sophisticated (42%).



of participants think French accents are the most romantic


of participants consider British English to be the most intelligent (and otherwise, most sophisticated and most honest).

Most friendly international accent was awarded to Irish (33%) which was also number one for most humorous (40%), followed by Scottish (30%).

Group of Happy Men Drinking Beer at the Bar


of participants considered the Irish accent to be the most friendly international accent


also thought of the Irish accent as the most humorous

How does the Aussie accent rate?

While many (61%) survey participants felt accents varied from state-to-state – with nearly half (48%) saying Queenslanders have their own special vocalisation – the majority (69%) felt the Australian accent was perceived internationally as friendly and laid back (70%).

The Aussie twang scored lower on the measures of being considered sophisticated (14%) or exotic (21%); and 44% branded it ‘bogan’.

% of participants

Feel Aussie accents very from state-to-state

Think Queenslanders have their own specific vocalisation

Think that the Australian accent is perceived internationally as friendly

Think that the Aussie accent would be considered as sophisticated

Think that the Aussie accent would be considered as exotic

Branded the Aussie accent as ‘bogan’

n = 1,001; Percentages rounded; supported

Most attractive and annoying celebrity accents

Who would we gladly listen to read the phone directory? Deep and distinctive vocals ranked highly in the survey results on most attractive male celebrity accents. Chris Hemsworth’s Aussie drawl was top pick (44%) followed by the late Sean Connery’s guttural Scottish (42%) and Morgan Freeman’s dulcet tone (39%) in third. Most attractive female celeb accents belonged to Margot Robbie (40%) and Emma Watson (38%).

% that found these accents to be attractive

Chris Hemsworth’s attractive

Sean Connery attractive

Morgan Freeman

Margot Robbie

Emma Watson

n = 1,001; Percentages rounded; supported

Celebs whose accents were considered most grating were Kim Kardashian (42%), The Nanny star Fran Drescher (38%) and Arnold ‘I’ll be back’ Schwarzenegger (24%).

% that found these accents to be annoying

Kim Kardashian

Fran Drescher

Arnold Schwarzenegger

n = 2,004; Percentages rounded; supported

International relations

Twenty-eight percent of all survey participants said they’d open to online dating with someone overseas in their search for a life partner, with a higher rate of willingness amongst males (33%) than female respondents (24%).


of participants would be open to online dating someone overseas when searching for a life partner


of male participants would be open to doing this


of female respondents would be open to long distance online dating

eharmony psychologist Sharon Draper said:

“When looking for a partner, people are heavily influenced – both consciously and subconsciously – by first impressions in making initial assessments about levels of attraction and potential compatibility. Accents are one of many first impression factors and, as the surveys shows, a significant proportion of the population openly admit to being enticed by foreign accents.

Countless studies have theorised on why people are attracted to certain accents – some contributing it to our social and cultural associations (basically stereotypes that certain nationalities conjure), while linguistic experts say some languages’ rhythmic intonation are easier on the ear.

A word of friendly, but cautionary, dating advice to anyone contemplating ‘putting on’ an accent to woo someone – this is a risky tactic which could backfire and is difficult to sustain long term and may bring about trust issues far too early in a relationship for it to truly flourish.”