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How Townsville Singles are Finding Their Place in the Sun

by eharmony Editorial Team - December 22, 2022

The idyllic and secluded Townsville, a vibrant coastal city where almost every day is sunny, seems like it should be a natural dating hotspot for Townsville singles. After all, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the rate of singles in the city is, at almost 43%, above the national average1

However, many who try dating in Townsville complain that finding quality dating opportunities can feel like an uphill battle. But with these tips and tricks from eharmony, finding that special someone doesn’t have to be a source of frustration. Let’s look at some effective methods for meeting singles that suit your life and personality.  

Meet interesting Townville singles whatever your lifestyle

While the dating scene in the city is active and vibrant, where locals often find fault is in its casual nature. Finding a long-term relationship is a problem that is somewhat exacerbated by the presence of the enormous military garrison in the city and the extensive James Cook University, which creates the perspective of an ever-shifting dating pool.

But there are always a lot of ways to establish more long-term connections and meet interesting new locals for Townsville singles. Let’s explore it on two levels. 

Meeting singles while exploring the outdoors

  • Hit the trails – Locals are very outdoorsy here. You can meet and possibly start a conversation with a whole variety of people on the trails, from the easier Goat Track to the more advanced Many Peaks trail
  • Take the ferry to Magnetic Island – The island has a whole range of activities to explore and other interesting Townsville singles exploring them along with you. You can also join a mixed group charter to see the island
  • Go beach hopping – If there’s one thing the city isn’t short of, it’s scenic hidden beaches. These are very popular with locals and visitors alike and can be the ideal place to run into new people    

Meeting Townsville singles in and around the city

  • Take a workshop or cooking class – It’s never wasted time picking up a new skill and you can do it while rubbing shoulders with other enthusiastic learners, one of whom might just be your next romance
  • Enjoy a beer at Flynn’s Irish Bar – A local favourite, it’s still one of the trendiest pubs in the city and a social hub where singles of all ages like to gather in the beer garden and enjoy the day and sometimes live shows
  • Explore the Museum of Underwater Art – While galleries and museums don’t strike you as the best place to find opportunities for dating in Townsville, they can provide a serene and stimulating setting for starting a conversation with an interesting stranger admiring the same piece as you

Why so many people are online dating in Townsville

While these are great ways to unearth new experiences and form social connections, they can be time-consuming and a drain on your finances. This is why many singles in the city use a Townsville dating site, which offers a range of benefits, including:

  • They’re convenient
  • You can use them even when you’re short on time
  • You can connect with singles from anywhere
  • They give you a full picture of the Townsville singles in your area looking to date
  • You gain greater control over your dating life
  • You can explore multiple dating options without seeming unkind
  • You can quickly end interactions when you aren’t enjoying them

While all these benefits also apply to eharmony, we like to do things a bit differently.

Why you need eharmony in your dating life

Whereas eharmony follows the same premise of most dating apps, offering a highly simplified and guided sign-up process and various communication features, our service is crucially different in our approach to how we match our members. We’re where you come when you’re looking for something real. A connection that is meaningful and tangible, not transient or disposable. When someone uses eharmony they are looking for one thing: a lasting, loving relationship.

For over two decades we’ve been in the business of helping them find it. By using the science of compatibility, our complex matching algorithm can match members based on a wide variety of psychological and behavioural characteristics that predict the chances of a happy and lasting relationship between two people. This makes online dating in Townsville less of a guessing game and more of a guided dating journey. It’s through this method that we’ve been able to help over 2 million people find love.

But accurate matching can’t work by itself. This is why we’ve built up a large and diverse membership of respectful, open-minded and inclusive singles invested in the dating process. This allows us to be highly selective in compatibility matching, while still being able to provide members with a large Match List of Townsville singles to explore. You can also narrow down your preferences using our advanced filters, which include factors such as height, ethnicity, smokers, religion, desire for children, education level and many more.

The final ingredient is our commitment to providing a safe and mutually-respectful environment for people to connect openly and authentically. For this, we regularly deep scan our platform for abusive, dishonest and fake accounts. We also rely on our customer care team, who are always standing by to deal with complaints as quickly and satisfactorily as possible. No wonder every 14 minutes, someone finds love on eharmony.

Get only the best out of your dating experience with eharmony

From hopping to Magnetic Island for some wild adventures to soaking up the sun while enjoying a sundowner at Flynn’s, there are so many opportunities to encounter the rich variety of Townsville singles.

But for many, online dating is the more logical option for their lifestyle and other priorities. So why not go for a dating app that works for you? eharmony not only goes out there looking for the perfect match, but we also help support you through your journey until you find them. So start the search with us today. Sign-up for an eharmony account now.

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