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Break the Ice

Reaching out to your matches can leave the best of us at a dating standstill. Over the course of the last few years, we took your feedback and incorporated a new product feature, the Icebreaker so you can make the first move with complete confidence.

What is the Icebreaker?

The Icebreaker allows you to discover the similarities with your match without having to think of a clever way to start a conversation.

Where do I find Icebreakers on eharmony?

Glad you asked. The Icebreaker can be found in two places: in your profile in the contact options top right and directly in your message history above the free text field for your message.

Can I use the feature for free?

Yes. After registering, you can use the Icebreakers at no cost and send them to start a conversation with your match.

Who can I send an Icebreaker to?

As a basic and premium member, you can send an Icebreaker to all members listed in your match list.

How does it work?

You’ll be presented with five pairs of images. Choose the image you like the most and then send your selections to a match. After, your match will have the opportunity to make their own selections and you can both see your respective results.

You may also receive the request to play from another match. In your “New Messages”, you’ll see a new notification when your match sends an Icebreaker. You can either view the results, take your own Icebreaker or respond with a message.

If your match has done an Icebreaker, you can check this in the “New Messages” section and see their results. You can always call up any results in the messages area by clicking the “Results” button.

The Icebreaker game can be repeated as often as you like with a match – each time with different pairs of pictures.

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