How Do I Change My Gender?

If you’ve registered using the wrong gender, unfortunately¬†this cannot be changed once registration is complete. The selection of your gender at the beginning of registration is part of the basis for the Compatibility Quiz and the resulting analysis.

To resume your search on eharmony you will need to register again with the correct gender. Please take a few minutes to reanswer the Compatibility Quiz and set up your profile. Although this means additional effort, it will be worth it!

If you’re a Basic (non-paid) member, we’d advise that you first delete the incorrect profile you’ve created by going to the Data & Settings within your account. This will prevent your information from being shared with the wrong types of matches and also free up your email address to re-register.

If you are already a Premium member, as soon as you have registered again, please contact us and provide us with your old and new Profile IDs. We will then transfer the already ordered Premium Membership for you to your new profile.