What are eharmony Match Filters?

Along with your Match Preferences, you can further organize your matches with filtering. 

On the Matches tab, at the bottom next to the Match Preferences, is a section called “Filtering Matches According to Interests”.

The three drop down menus allow you to filter matches based on Sports, Music and Outdoor Activity. You can make one selection from each of the menus and the system will show you how many matches have what you’ve selected in their own Interests in the “Number of results”. 

To show those specific matches, click on the “Filter Now” button. The Matches tab will now show only those matches who meet the criteria you selected from one or more of the filters. 

To reset your Matches list click on “Remove Filter” and your list will re-populate with all your matches. 

Please note that filtering by Interests is only available to Premium members.