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Dating in Bunbury, Australia’s fastest growing city

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

This idyllic port city is the third largest in Western Australia, after Perth and Mandurah, and was recognised as the country’s fastest growing city in 2006. But what does this mean for Bunbury singles dating in this exhilarating bolt-hole?

Does being surrounding by so many other singles actually increase your chances of finding someone special?

Dating isn’t a numbers game.

It’s about quality over quantity. True dating chemistry happens when matches are deeply attuned to one another in terms of core personality traits. Dating in Bunbury should be focused around finding these special Bunbury singles rather than the haphazard, more-is-more approach you often see taken on the Bunbury dating scene.

eharmony can help.

We can get to the heart of who you really are; your morals, your beliefs, your sense of humour and present you with a pool of potential matches to choose from.

Bunbury first date ideas:

We all disagree on what’s considered a ‘perfect first date.’ It really depends on the single:

The nervous dater

If the thought of sitting across the table from a near-perfect stranger and making solid, uninterrupted conversation for at least a solid hour or two brings you out in hives, perhaps you should avoid the traditional dinner date and opt for a more casual option; one that doesn’t totally hinge around the two of you making conversation. Bunbury Regional Art Gallery is perfect. The multimedia exhibits are really interesting and are bound to provide adequate conversation fodder. Besides, as you’re going to be wandering around taking everything in, you won’t be expected to fill every single conversational lull.

The busy dater

Busy professional singles mightn’t always be able to dedicate a good few hours getting to know their matches . If this sounds like you, perhaps a walk through the park, or quick coffee in between meetings would be more appropriate? Koombana Bay could work, it’s a gorgeous sheltered bay with pretty sandy beaches and shady grassy knolls.

The ‘it’s not quite payday’ dater

If you’re a student or just dating in Bunbury on the wrong side of payday, then finding an impressive yet free dating idea can feel a bit like mission impossible, but it can be done. If you want to go with something simple yet romantic, then what about a picnic on the beach at sunset? Watching the sun set over the ocean as you tuck into some homemade cheese sandwiches doesn’t cost a penny. If you can splash out a little, then we recommend the Dolphin Discovery on Koombana Drive, for just $10 you can watch the animals being fed, a 3D movie and even swim with the dolphins themselves. It could make for a magical, but within budget dating activity.

Whatever you choose to do when dating in Bunbury, be sure to meet your matches on eharmony first. With thousands of Bunbury singles already registered and with it being free to review matches , this could be the place to meet someone really special!

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