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How to get over an ex: 11 ways to get your life back on track

by Ian Prior - May 26, 2021

Break-ups are always stressful. Regardless of the length of your relationship it can be emotionally draining and leave your feelings in turmoil. Sadness, betrayal, loneliness, and anger can engulf you. Getting over a break-up can feel impossible.

But, how to get over an ex and deal with loneliness? How to move on from ex and dive back into the dating pool? Remember, this is just a tough phase and brighter days are ahead. Here are 11 great tips from dating experts at eharmony to help get some balance back in your life.

1. Accept it’s over

How to get over an ex if you can’t accept the reality? Denial is normal but keeping a blindfold on will not help you face the truth. If your partner avoids you, is in another relationship or has asked you to stop communicating, you need to respect their wishes. Don’t try to get your ex back. The worst thing you can do is to keep an illusion of the relationship alive.

Tip: When you accept the relationship is over, you create space for growth. Having a clean break-up will make the recovery process easier.

2. Cut all kinds of ties with your ex

Cutting off contact is the most important next step to get over an ex. Initially, it can feel like an extremely hard journey but you have to endure the pain to reclaim yourself. It includes no catching up, no calls, no texting, and no keeping tabs.

Tip: Things will change for the good when you follow the no-contact rule.

3. Avoid revisiting your date spots

How to move on from an ex, when your mind is dwelling in the past? Reminiscing about the good times is nice but after a break-up, looking back is probably the worst thing you can do. It can slow down your healing process – things like, visiting your first date spot, or going to your ex’ favorite restaurant are bad ideas. If you have lived together, consider redecorating your home.

Tip: To help move on without constantly being reminded of the past, give your place a makeover. Discard all those things that bring back memories and no longer fit the life you want to build.

4. Indulge in your favourite hobby

How to get over an ex if you still feel like going through withdrawal? After a break-up, it’s common to lose interest in things you used to once enjoy. Free time can feel scary but it’s wise to invest it in personal growth. Indulge in your hobby or find a new one – it can be anything sporty, creative, or something as simple as reading.

Tip: A break-up can bring you down but a hobby can always cheer you up. Trying something new or putting yourself out of your comfort zone can be fun and rewarding. It is also a great way to form new friendships.

5. Go easy on yourself and be forgiving

You may sometimes feel guilty about your actions but don’t let these feelings threaten your happiness. How to forget your ex? Practise forgiveness and letting go of regret. When you’re angry or upset, you cannot heal.

Tip: Focus on your happiness to regain control of your life.

6. Reach out to friends and loved ones

The end of a romance can also complicate other relationships, such as mutual friends. Questions like: ‘can I still be friends with an ex?’ and ‘what if my friends prefer hanging out with my ex?’ can plague your mind. The best thing to do is to keep away from social settings for a while and instead stick to your exclusive circle of close friends.

Tip: Nourish old relationships. Be around people you’ll be able to vent to and who will understand you. Remember, friends and family are your constants.

7. Don’t make drastic changes to your personality

It is very common to fall into a spiral of self-criticism after a relationship ends. You tend to think something is wrong with your personality and you try to fix it. Remember, not everything about you needs to be changed, your ex could have been wrong too.

Allow yourself to feel however you feel – avoid taking crazy decisions like getting a tattoo, or a new hair colour which you are going to regret later.

Tip: Don’t punish yourself – a break-up is not the end of everything.

8. Challenge yourself to a digital detox

Do you find yourself awake late in the night staring at your phone screen? How can you get over an ex, if you continue to keep tabs on social media? Seeing your ex’s name pop up on the timeline makes it harder to move on.

Tip: Unfollow your ex on social media. Delete old pictures and messages. If you find it really hard to stop yourself, then deactivate your account.

9. Still unsure how to get over an ex? Focus on being positive 

Give yourself time to get perspective. Do things that light up your heart in a real way – like volunteering for a cause, or joining a hiking club. Focus on eating healthy and avoid drugs or alcohol as a solution. Build a workout plan and stick to it. Keep a grip on your emotions and focus on your career.

Tip: Go slow, you need time to heal. Prioritise self-care.

10. Take a break and unwind

Wondering how to move on from ex and your friends suggested a ‘breakcation’? They are right! When emotions are overwhelming and grief has taken over, travel can help the healing process. So, instead of sulking in your pyjamas, get out and explore. A change in environment can elevate your mood. A place where there are fewer things that will remind you of your ex will be a ‘good distraction’.

Tip: A getaway will give you some mental clarity.

11. Create new boundaries

Between real life and social media, bumping into your ex is unavoidable. When you do meet, have control over your feelings. Be cordial (even when you spot them with their new partner). A friendship with your former partner is not always a great idea. The past is the past, let go of it. When you decide to move on, don’t date someone because they are the exact opposite of your ex.

Tip: Say no to relationships that are a waste of your time. Get clarity on your values and never settle for less.

Signs you’re officially over your ex

If you’re no longer sobbing at the sound of your shared songs and have cut out late-night texting, it’s a great sign that you have survived the emotional roller coaster of the break-up. If you feel confident standing alone, are being productive and not just busy, are feeling excited about the future again, and feeling hopeful about love, then you have successfully managed to turn the break-up into a breakthrough. Congrats!

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