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LGBTQ Dating Unveiled: Navigating the Spectrum of Love with Diversity and Inclusivity

by eharmony Editorial Team - February 22, 2024

3% of Australians identify as some variation of gay, lesbian or bisexual1. In recent years, support for marginalized genders and orientations has risen, making LGBTQ dating a possibility for more and more people. Looking for love online has so many more options than looking in your local gay bar. Plus, if you live somewhere where there isn’t a thriving LGBTQ scene, looking online may be your only choice. While many prefer to stick to LGBTQ dating apps, more are seeing eharmony as an avenue for finding a serious connection.

Illuminating the joy of LGBTQ dating

While there have been massive strides in LGBTQ acceptance over several decades, LGBTQ dating is still fraught in ways that finding love as a straight person isn’t. In addition to the usual ups and downs of finding the perfect romantic partner, LGBTQ dating can also involve (illegal) discrimination, intra-community issues, and navigating a world that’s still built on the presumption that everyone is straight and cis.

The most important LGBTQ dating etiquette you’ll learn

You’ll find plenty of great LGBTQ dating advice and tips on this website, but if you’re in a hurry, remember that the two key rules for a successful relationship, above and beyond communication, are consent and boundaries.

Consent is key to any good relationship. Always talk to your partner about consent, and not just in the bedroom. Relatedly, establishing and respecting boundaries is one of the best ways to keep your relationship healthy and fulfilling. And being able to communicate with your partner will help you with both, so don’t skip it!

LGBTQ dating means not putting people in boxes

While many LGBTQ people are monogamous, open relationships are more common than among straight couples. Polyamory – having multiple consensual relationships at the same time – is also becoming more common. So long as everyone is aware and on the same page, none of these options is better or worse than the other – it all depends on what’s right for you and your partners.

Communication is key

No matter whether your interest lies in gay dating or lesbian dating, or if you’re as straight as they come, effective communication can make or break your relationship. Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages, which talks about the different ways people like to show and receive love, is a useful tool no matter what stage your relationship is in.

LGBTQ isn’t all you are

It’s important to remember that being gay or trans is only one part of a person’s identity, and an upper-class Black lesbian who grew up in a supportive family in a prosperous city will have a very different experience and perspective than a trans Latino man from a rural area. As you proceed on your LGBTQ dating journey, you’ll meet people from all kinds of backgrounds, some with more privilege than you, some with less, some you’ll get along with, some you won’t. The key here is to be open to listening and learning, even when it’s uncomfortable.

Finding love in the digital age

We’ve come a long way from when the only way to find other gay people was to haunt your local gay bar. That said, different LGBTQ dating sites attract people who’re looking for different things – some gay dating sites are perfect for casual hookups, which doesn’t work so great when you’re looking for a more lasting connection. For the latter, however, eharmony is a great choice.

  • Our unique Compatibility Matching System means that right from the very beginning you’re shown potential partners who would be a good fit for you
  • The detailed profiles our members are encouraged to post mean that you can get to know someone before starting up a conversation
  • You will be able to Like specific parts of a profile, or an individual picture. If the other person also Likes something on your profile, it’s a Match and you can start talking to each other on our private, secure messaging system
  • While eharmony is for everyone, we’ve worked with GLAAD to make sure we can provide our LGBTQ clients the kind of inclusive respect they deserve

Expand your horizons and find love on eharmony

LGBTQ dating has become more and more accessible but, regardless of what kind of relationship you’d like, the basics are still the same – respect your partner, make sure you’re both (or all!) communicating with each other, and make sure that the relationship is something that sparks joy for everyone involved. While dating a member of the LGBTQ community does come with unique challenges, it can also be a source of incredible joy once you find the right person. At eharmony, we have a large pool of eligible singles from all walks of life – you never know who might find a connection with, so sign up and take the first step on the path to an exciting new relationship today.

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