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Dating in Kalgoorlie

It’s amazing when you meet somebody special: somebody whose gaze can turn your legs to jelly, and whose smile can make you smile. Someone who you can’t get out of your mind and who you can’t bare to be without! There’s nothing like that first date feeling – the goosebumps and the sparks – but it’s often hard to come by.

It takes something more.

You never can tell from appearances whether or not a person is really right for you. True romantic compatibility comes from deep-rooted compatibility regarding core personality traits. It’s about similarity regarding things like humour, intellect and neuroticism (the things that make you who you are) and similarity here isn’t always easy to find.

But eharmony can help

We aren’t like your average dating website, we try to get to the core of who you are and then, using our bespoke Compatibility Matching system, introduce you to local singles who have the potential to get your heart pounding. What happens from there, whether it’s a date, a couple of dates, or your next big relationship is completely up to you.

First date ideas:

Western Australian Museum

Cultural dates like museum or gallery visits make for ideal early Kalgoorlie dating venues; as you and your date will be wandering around, looking at the exhibits, there won’t be so much of that looming pressure to fill every single conversational lull, there’ll be plenty to talk about and if worst comes to worst and the date’s no good, well at least you’ll come away having learnt something new.

As you’re dating in Kalgoorlie, a city famed for its prevalence during the gold rush, why not glean a little local knowledge to impress your friends with? The museum hosts a guided tour that begins in the Gold Vault and details the rich (excuse the pun) history of gold mining in Kalgoorlie, including what life in the goldfields was really like. It’s a delightful and free Kalgoorlie dating experience!

Go for a drink with a twist

Broad Arrow, W A is a ghost town just 38km north of Kalgoorlie. Once boasting a budding gold-rush era population, it now stands as a shadow of its former self. It’s still quite a sight to behold though and there’s a tiny little tin pub that’s well worth a visit when you’re dating in Kalgoorlie , if nothing else just to experience the history and see all the writing on the walls (almost every available wall is covered in handwritten notes from past visitors). It’s great for a lunch date, but beware,  it shuts at 6.30pm daily.

Go for a meal together

Sometimes nothing beats good food and fine wine when trying to win over a date, and there are plenty of options when dating in Kalgoorlie. Danny’s, on Wilson Street is an excellent option. It’s a local favourite with warm and speedy service and juicy steaks. Or, for a unique spin on the traditional dinner date, why not take your matches out for breakfast or brunch at the Blue Monkey Restaurant on Hannan street.