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Meet singles in Warrnambool

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

You live in such a beautiful city, Warrnambool singles , so why not make the most of it? Outdoor dates are usually overlooked but can make for fantastic Warrnambool dating experiences. Here at eharmony we want you to make the most of all the sun, sea and sand this city has to offer, with our out-door Warrnambool dating guide, including a few ideas you might not have thought of:

1. A picnic on the beach

If you don’t mind a little sand in your sambos, pack up a hamper with delicious home-made snacks and perhaps a beer or two and head straight for Lady Bay. This idyllic and unspoiled cove houses the remains of over 29 shipwrecks for you to explore. Then head on to Stingray Bay and walk around crystal-clear rock pools. If you have your wits about you, you’d come armed with fishing nets and see what you can probe out of the water.

2. Go fishing

If you liked the rock pool idea, why not take it one step further, cast your lines in one of Warrnambool’s many saltwater bays, ocean inlets or wharfs and spend a lazy afternoon waiting for something to bite. It will give the pair of you the perfect opportunity to just sit and chat about, whatever comes to mind. It’s a charming free dating idea.

3. On your bike!

A scenic bike ride can be agreat, low-pressured date idea. As you and your matches will be alonetogether, you’ll have plenty of time to chat and get to know one anotherbut it isn’t as intense as a formal drink, lunch or dinner setting asyou won’t be expected to talk constantly and so will have time to thinkof what you’re going to say next – great for those Warrnambool singlesprone to getting tongue-tied.

 There are local walks for all levels of fitness and mobility. The Lake Pertobe trail is particularly great, and there’s a sheltered BBQ area and mini golf for if you get sick of walking.

This list is not exhaustive of course, and whatever you choose to do when dating in Warrnambool , signing up to eharmony can be your first step towar finding someone special.

We aren’t like your average dating website

We’re not! We try to get to the core of who you are and then, using our bespoke Compatibility Matching system, we introduce you to local singles who share with you some of those core personality traits – all the important stuff that makes two people so right for one another – things like humour, intellect and passion. These Warrnambool singles really have the potential to get your heart pounding; but what happens next, whether it’s a date, a couple of dates, or your next big relationship is completely up to you. Sign up today and review matches for free!

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