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Finding love in Mornington

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

Mornington singles: more than meets the eye

Ever since paddle steamers cruised there in the 1870s, Mornington has remained one of Victoria’s holiday hot spots. With the village’s easygoing seaside charm and beauty it’s not hard to understand why.

With just over 20,000 locals calling Mornington home, it’s the hordes of Melbournites who boost the population every summer.  

When it comes to dating in Mornington, for such a small village there’s plenty of inspiration to be found. Whether you’re passionate about the surf, love a good chardonnay or appreciate the finer things on your plate, this is a town where you’re sure to find someone to share them with.

Date ideas in Mornington

Mornington singles are lucky to be dating in such a vibrant location. Three easy Mornington date ideas include:

Date #1: Head to the Mornington Racecourse for a fun and exciting day out.
Date #2: Just hang out at the beach. All you need is a picnic blanket and some snacks for a care free dating experience.
Date #3: Live the culinary dream. From the local wineries to the seaside restaurants, it’s not hard to organise an impressive gourmet date.

Something more meaningful

We’ve all experienced the fun of a summer romance. With many of the visitors to the Mornington Peninsula only staying a week or two, it doesn’t leave much time to really connect on a deeper level. Even if you get the chance to go on a date or two, plenty of summer romances only last the length of the season.

For Mornington singles who are searching for long-term, loving relationships, the Mornington dating scene isn’t always easy to navigate. The close-knit local community can make it hard to develop new relationships, particularly if you know everyone from the butcher to the fishmonger on a first name basis.

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Finding the real deal

If you’re searching for a serious relationship, it’s time to start looking for love based on compatibility, rather than simply looking for a shared interest in footy or sushi.  Compatibility is the building block behind every successful relationship and it is things like character traits, humour, intelligence, passion and shared goals that really give love a good chance at flourishing.

So whether you’re looking to find professional singles with a passion for business or a fellow scuba diver to hit the surf with, getting matched by eharmony means you’re likely to have common core attributes and traits that’ll really help you to click.

Looking online

With online dating, Mornington locals can start searching for people who share their passions, rather than just their postcode. The eharmony Mornington dating site specialises in finding compatible matches which have the potential to flourish into long-term and happy relationships.

Unlike the average Mornington free dating site, eharmony also offers help throughout the complete dating experience, from breaking the ice through to private inbox messaging. And with the easy to tailor location function, you can break free from that small town lifestyle without the hassle of travelling.   

Ready to find a romance that lasts longer than the summer? Register online today to create your free dating profile and see your very own matches!

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