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Amazing first dates in Frankston

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We love first dates – the really great ones, where you hang off every word each other says. We love that feeling you get, when you’re walking home and you just can’t help but smile. And the next day at work, when you just seem to wander around in a daze.


eharmony can help you get that.

We can help you track down that spark, that meeting of minds, that silly fluttering deep within your belly; that special something that’s so hard to pin down. We can do this because we get to know the real you, and then only introduce you to dating website members that are compatible with you. From there, you can speak to your matches as much or as little as you want before taking the plunge and accepting that all important first date.

But after you’ve met someone special, what do you do for that all important first date?

First date preferences are quite personal to Frankston singles really, so it’s important to try and grasp what the other person’s all about when organising a date. Some matches would jump at the chance to spend a couple hours climbing at Bayside Rock Adventure Centre or a high-octane paintball battle, while others would feel much more comfortable just chatting over coffee.

We’ve listed a few options below; it’s up to you to decide which seems right for your date:

     Festival fever

This is a really vibrant city we live in, with at least one festival per month outside of winter, so if your date falls on the right weekend why not head on down to the Ventana Festival, Japanese Festival or Teddy Bears Picnic?
It’s a great fun, laid back and (most importantly) free Frankston dating idea that subtly screams “hey, if we were dating, every day would be like Frankston Christmas Festival of Lights.”

Bay Wanderer

This Frankston dating idea is so low-key it’s almost not a date, but could act as a charming, and uniting day for some: spend a lazy Saturday afternoon wandering around the stunning waterfront. Rifle through the treasure trove of market stalls, indulge your sweet-tooth at Theobroma chocolate lounge, paddle in the crystal clear waters and then stop for lunch at a cafe overlooking the ocean. The best thing about this date is that it’s so versatile. It’s a living, breathing Frankston dating activity that can be moulded any way you please to create a highly unique and personal date.

     Wine and dine

Back to the bay again, but this time come after dark for a great evening Frankston dating activity. ‘Waves on the Beach’ is an stunning beach-side restaurant that is quite literally on the beach itself, so if you want a place with atmosphere, this is it. The food’s good too, with a highly extensive menu covering curries, steaks and veal.

Whatever you choose to do when dating in Frankston, stop by eharmony first and review matches for free.



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