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Dating in the Northern Beaches of Sydney

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We love first dates – the really great ones. We love that feeling you get when you’re walking home, and you can’t help but smile. We love the morning after at work too, when you spend the entire day wandering around the office in a daze, daydreaming about your date and thinking about the next one.

It’s wonderful when we meet someone who makes us go all mushy and gooey inside, but the right date is hard to come by.  It’s difficult to articulate what exactly we want a partner to be like, and more often than not, we honestly don’t know until we meet them! With the help of eharmony’s intricate and scientific compatibility profiling, you can meet Northern Beaches singles who are so attuned to you, in such an innate and deep-rooted way that, once you’ve met them, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them.

 Local users are pretty lucky to be dating in Sydney’s North Shore, NSW’s most stirring and eclectic borough, but if you’re really stuck for something to do, try our suggestions below...


Take her to dinner

There’s nothing like gushing over good food and fine wine, and a dinner date can be a traditional and enjoyable way of getting to know someone new. You’re spoiled for choice when dating in the Northern Beaches , the streets are brimming with trendy new eateries. If atmosphere’s what you want, Pilu in Freshwater is absolutely magnificent. This charming little family-run Sicilian place boasts brilliant panoramic views across the whole of Freshwater bay. The food won’t disappoint either – their crisped-skinned suckling pig is to die for. For a more casual option, try Cavallino instead and their legendary ‘hot chip pizza!’

Get to know him over drinks

Professional singles, if you don’t have the time for a full-blow meal, why not just drinks? Hugos Manly is a waterfront cocktail bar that offers a range of delicious, audacious and non-too-pricey concoctions. A couple of drinks on the deck followed by a romantic stroll beside the ocean would suit starry-eyed North Shore singles who want to get to know each other ...


If the weather isn’t on your side (or you want to inject a little Bavarian magic into your evening) head to Das Kaffee House, just a few blocks away.

It’s a traditional Austro-German bar-come-cafe with a staggering drinks menu plus some Germanic favourites (schnitzel, bratwurst with sauerkraut) in case you wanted to extend drinks to dinner, with the right company.

Do something completely different

The beauty of dating in North Sydney is that you don’t need to stick to that tried-and-tested, drinks and dinner formula, there are plenty of other possible dating activities. Luna Park, for instance, is a magnificent yet surreal 1930’s fairground – guests enter the park through an enormous gaping mouth – whose highlight has got to be the awesome ‘Rotor,’ an anti-gravity attraction that sees you lifted by 60km/h centrifugal forces and left, quite literally, hanging in mid air!


There’s plenty to do when dating in this enigmatic Sydney suburb, but we want you to leave that date with wobbling knees and a pounding heart. We aren’t like your average dating site, we try to get to know the real you, and introduce you to people you’re going to really enjoy spending time with. Sign up to eharmony today - it's free to review matches and you never know who you'll meet!




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